A protective sheath used by males in sports to cover their genitals.

*A cup is also known to most in terms of drinking; it holds the liquid.
A sports cup used in baseball.

Can be used in the following sentence, "A stupid girl at school asked me what a cup was. Everyone laughed".
by Maestro Vagenis July 13, 2003
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the unit of measurement used to determine the size of a womens brests
by coxycat June 09, 2005
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1)Unit of US measurement, as in two cups=one pint.

2)Piece of sports clothing that protects part of the male anatomy.

3)A container, usually cylinder-shaped, that is used to hold liquids so as to make it easier to drink them.

4)Unit of measurement to measure a women's breast size.
1)Hot chocolate requires 3/4 cups of water.
2)In football, it is a good idea to never forget your cup.
3)He filled the cup with Mountain Dew.
4)The Playboy Bunny had a DD cup bra on.
by Lady Monday November 10, 2006
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Term for male ejaculation usually invoked when talking about multiple ejaculations during one sexual encounter.
"She gave me a fine BBBJTC for my first cup, then after a nice massage and some idle conversation, she hopped on top of me and rode me CG until I had my second cup."
by yazagolo May 23, 2004
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Thing you say when somebody says something or does something that makes them looks stupid
your friend: that girl looks hot... oh wait, that's my sister....

you: cup
by J_HoVa May 01, 2004
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verb meaning to fart in ones hand and put it in another's face
"Gerry cupped me and i threw up all over his hand"
"For some reason, tom always takes a sharp inhale whenever he is cupped"
by DJ BJ REPPIN SF January 12, 2012
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