a person who doesn't give a crap about what people say about them and goes on their own path
wow that person is a real Bentley
by an old freind July 28, 2017
Born from the coolest parents. They have been together through thick and thin, and they made it stronger with this name.. Cute and Fun. Totally in love with cars. He's the perfect boyfriend. Tall with killer eyes, and sold with the heart of gold. You'll never forget this sweetheart or his family.
Bentley, Bentley, Bentley.. Young and inlove.
by highschoolsweetheart May 16, 2011
Bentley helps you through thick and thin. She is straightforward and confident. It’s almost impossible to hate this girl. She can get moody so, watch out for that. She is funny and reliable but, sometimes she gets jealous. She never lets other people bring her down. Don’t mess with a Bentley

“I’m not your friend anymore!”-random person
Ok. I have other ones.”-Bentley
by Vanessa vaughan November 10, 2018
Bentley is a amazing person with killer eyes and he is super athletic and so attractive he is very respectful and confident he gets all the girls.
Man he is so hot he is a real Bentley
by Billy big December 25, 2019
Bentley is a district located in the West Midlands. Bentley is basically the place where life can't get any worse and if you are from bentley there is no point trying to get a decent life. Lads run the streets and will do anything to get what they want. Just don't live there!
Mom:Wanna live in bentley
Kid:No it's a shithole
by West Midlands kid November 15, 2019
Bestest friend ever. He sees everything on the optimistic side. Beautiful eyes. Sweetest boy in the world. Gets many girls hearts. Adorable laugh. Makes you feel special. Keeps his promise. Cares about you more than anything. Always has your back. Keeps you safe. Wants you to be happy. Makes you laugh, even if you're crying. Never gives up on you. Helps you in tough situations. Athletic. Loves listening to music with you. Introduces you to new music.

If you have a Bentley in your life, keep him.
"He's so caring, his name is-"
"BENTLEY!! That's easy"
by 🔥Brennan🔥 May 19, 2017
A girl who likes who she like and won't pay any attention to people she doesn't like. Bentley is funny, cute, sweet, and a great friends
Bentley hated me for 5 years and now we are best friends and i can't imagine life without her!!
by G_r_a_y_c_e_.. March 11, 2019