A group of Football fans that like to banter other clubs creative players while their clubs only creative output is from a washed up playmaker creating inspirational tweets.
by Hyorei December 6, 2020
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To be unhappy despite achieving success.
The Arsenal fans in Cardiff this weekend (17/5/03) were miserable as fuck, despite winning the cup. Anyone would've thought they'd lost!
by J D May 18, 2003
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A YouTube channel ran by Arsenal Fan Robbie Lyle that consists of post match interviews with Arsenal fans consisting of their opinions of each game, arsenal players, and even the manager in charge. AFTV is enjoyed by rival fans for the explosive interviews/rants some fans give during interviews. Usually these explosive rants are said by fans who keep reappearing in videos. AFTV has pre-match videos, transfer rumor videos, and other content, but most people enjoy it for the rants and the reappearing fans such as DT, Claude, Troopz, and Ty.
Robbie: “Arsenal Fan TV, DT another disappointing result today....”

DT: “I’m sick of this shit Robbie! Kroeneke needs to go!”

Robbie: “AFTV, Claude-“

Claude: “IT’S TIME TO GO!”
by citeh citeh citeh January 15, 2020
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Big sad losers who decided to take the piss out of thier friends when arsenal wins a game but Arsenals done fuck all in the past
Oh look it’s jaden the sad arsenal fan
by Autistic melt March 10, 2019
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To keep your faith to the cannon (reference to the military influence in Woolwich) through thick and thin, regardless of form, you can then deserve to call yourself a true Arsenal Fan.
Can you tell me what it feels like to be an Arsenal Fan?
by Steve Afc May 30, 2022
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