Tottenham Hotspurs are a useless and hopeless team, they lack understanding on how to play football and recently let go of their best player (Harry Kane). Regardless of the fact that their team was once stacked, their trophy case is as empty as Manchester United fans' heads.
Person 1: I support Tottenham Hotspurs
by rohaan's father September 12, 2023
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Tottenham Hotspurs are a bad football team that have not won a league championship since 1961, and have a large fan base of Jewish community. Tottenham thought that they had struck gold when they signed Gareth Bale, and he soon became the team. However he soon came to his senses and realised that Tottenham were shit and left for a team 1000 times better. Currently these clueless supporters just remember the good old days, not just when they had Bale, but those 50 odd years ago when they actually won.
Man1: " hey did you watch the history channel last night?"
Man2: "no what was on?"
Man1: "something from before I was born, did you know Tottenham Hotspurs won a championship once?"
*both men burst into laughter*
by XxdanxX November 12, 2014
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One of the most hated clubs in the Premiership. Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham all hate Spurs (going back to Spurs' large Jewish fanbase) though really it is out of jealousy. Spurs have the best fans in the prem (all this bullshit about toon and sunderland is shite, they all leave when the going gets tough)

to summarise tottenham are amazing, although the results and performances of the team are unpredictable but after all when else can you see amazing players such as richardo rocha and ben alwick??
tottenham hotspurs 5 - 1 arsenal

arsenal fan: yeah its carling cup we didnt play our best team

me: so your best team doesnt include fabregas, adebayor, Van Persie or gallas(before he went mental)
by jermaine jenas July 3, 2009
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Tottenham Hotspur, commonly referred to as Spurs, is an English association football club in North London, England. It plays it's home matches at the recently opened Tottenham Hotspur stadium and has competed in the Premier League, the top division in England, since it began in 1992. Their training ground is on Hotspur Way in Bulls Cross in the London Borough of Enfield. The club is owned by ENIC Group. Tottenham have played in a first (home) strip of white shirts and navy blue shorts since the 1898–99 season. The club's emblem is a cockerel standing upon a football, with a Latin motto Audere est Facere ("To Dare Is to Do").
Recent reports have linked him to Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur of England.
by Finley Jones June 15, 2021
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The most over rated football team in London, 99% of fans think they are as good as Barcelona and they have a Cock sitting on a basketball for a badge. Envious of their North London rivals Arsenal who completely own them in every way possible, (ground, kit, fans, sponsors, headlines, players, manager etc)

Tottenham have a wheeler-dealer judas manager named Harry "back-hander" Redknapp, he pays over the odds for any player going and will leave his club at the slightest sniff of a better paid opportunity.
Aaron: Did you see Tottenham Hotspur get spanked by (insert any team here) at the weekend?

Kev (Spurs fan in denial): Yeah but we were playing our reserve team anyway (lies) so didn't care, just wait till they come to White Hart Lame.

Aaron: I'll wait and I'll laugh at you AGAIN you dirty yid.
by Luckymeh September 23, 2010
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To lose to some shit team in the bottom of the league
To bottle it

Synonyms: Bottle, harrykanemiss, north London, 2016ucl
Antonyms: Arsenal, bottlingothers, Chelsea, Wenger, Jose Mourinho, harrykanescores, deleallichallenge
Liverpool pulled a Tottenham Hotspur(a.k.a Spurs) yesterday after giving away a 3-0 lead to Crystal Palace.
by the f.a December 30, 2019
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A crap footy team living in Arsenals shadow, shit fans shit ground shit team
by Robin January 4, 2005
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