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A particularly bleak part of North London and home to one of the shittest football teams in Europe. A football team who last won the league in 1961 and beat The Arsenal once every 9 years. A dire shit hole.
1 "When I get out of prison I reckon i'm gonna move back to Tottenham"

"You must be fucking mad."

2 "Tottenham lost again"
by sooner_gooner August 09, 2009

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The greatest football club in history. A team so classy that even without winning a trophy for four years they still play the sexiest football you will ever see. Watching The Arsenal play football is like listening to Mozart.
"You don't play Mozart, you feel it and when you feel it, it becomes part of you and flows like The Arsenal's midfield"
Sir Georg Solti

"God is an Arsenal fan"
Pope John Paul II
by sooner_gooner August 16, 2009

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noun, slang; 1 A white working class male or female prone to petty crime and antisocial behaviour. A Nuisance. A public menace. A mouthy little cunt.

2 A member of the traveller community who moves onto a public open space and wrecks everything within two square miles. It has been known for the burglary rate in the local area to increase by as much as 2000% when gypos move into the neighbourhood. A gypo may try to gain work by offering to tarmac your drive for £5000. They may also try to sell flowers and/or stolen goods door to door. Occasionally, even if they have not moved into the area, they can be seen driving around in a battered up old Transit van trawling through skips looking for metal that can be 'weighed in'. These people are generally best avoided and it is extremely unwise to engage in any kind of confrontation with them.

3 A person who does something on the cheap.

abbreviation of gypsy
1 Gypo "Get us some fags in the shop."

Passer by "Nah mate, i'll get a 1500 quid fine if I get caught."

2 "The fucking gypos are going through the skip again"

3 "What did you get the cheap vodka for you gypo?"
by sooner_gooner July 13, 2009

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A shit football team who last won the league almost 50 years ago but whose fans still think they are better than The Arsenal, even though it takes roughly 9 years to beat them.
"Spurs really are a rubbish club"

Gary Lineker on Match Of The Day
by sooner_gooner August 17, 2009

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Tottenham Hotspur's football ground. The home of the most embarrassing football team ever to put on a pair of football boots. The actual stadium aint that bad but that might be because it was designed by the same architect,(Archibald Leitch) who designed Highbury and pretty much every other important football stadium in the United Kingdom. However, the standard of football played by Spurs is pretty diabolical. The Arsenal usually take the piss there and have won the football league twice at Spurs in the double winning 1970/71 season and again in 2003/04.
"Coming to Shite Hart Lane on Saturday?"

"Why not? Another easy three points"

"We won the league! We won the league! We won the league! We won the league! We won the league at Shite Hart Lane. We won the league at the shit hole! We won the league at Shite Hart Lane!"...... Twice.

Arsenal fans in the away section
by sooner_gooner August 17, 2009

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verb; a violent struggle involving physical force or weapons usually in the context of football related disorder.
John: "Where have you been? We've been in the pub for half an hour"

Dave: "There were a load of 'Yids' at Tottenham Hale Station waiting for a tear up but we showed em' what's what."
by sooner_gooner July 11, 2009

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1 aggressive behaviour usually in the context of football related disorder.

2 to experience difficulties

abbreviation of aggravation
1 John: "How did you get on at Spurs on Saturday?"

Dave: "We beat them again and had all the usual aggro with the 'Yids' outside."

2 John: "Why don't we just get the bus to Spurs from Finsbury Park"

Dave: "Because every time we do that we get marched down Seven Sisters Road like cunts and get loads of shit off the old bill. Fuck that, I don't need all that aggro."
by sooner_gooner July 11, 2009

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