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noun; A cunt of the highest order. A person who lacks character and wit. Usually a Spurs or Man Utd fan.
"Did you see that geezer in the pub with the Utd Shirt on? He was a grade a cunt and no mistake."
by sooner_gooner July 12, 2009
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Released in 1967 this is The Beatles eighth studio album. It is possibly the most overrated record ever made. Not as good as Magical Mystery Tour released later the same year and not as important (or as good) as Revolver released a year earlier.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is a very good record none the less, maybe even great, but it aint Mozart.

Usually name checked by people who know little about music and even less about The Beatles.
John:"Let's go back to the flat and listen to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

Paul: "Let's go back to the flat but let's listen to Revolver"
by sooner_gooner July 13, 2009
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verb; To cause great fear or nervousness by tricking one's friends or colleagues into thinking you have booked a Ryanair flight when infact you have booked with British Airways.
Andy; "Have you booked those flights up for Ajax away?"

Pete; "Yeah, Ryanair is all we could get"

Andy; "Fuck off, i'd rather walk. This had better be a ryan scare"
by sooner_gooner July 13, 2009
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Large LCD tv watched by gypo's and manu fan's.
"Chelsea are 1 nil down and Gallas is Arsenal's joint top scorer. You might as well switch off and put your ghetto screen on ebay 'cos you're winning fuck all this season."
by sooner_gooner August 18, 2009
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A cheating, diving cunt of a footballer who plays for Liverpool and England but should be in prison for the violent assualt of Marcus McGee in a Southport nightclub.
"Is there a bigger cunt in world football than Steven Gerrard?"

"I doubt it."
by sooner_gooner August 16, 2009
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noun, slang; 1 A white working class male or female prone to petty crime and antisocial behaviour. A Nuisance. A public menace. A mouthy little cunt.

2 A member of the traveller community who moves onto a public open space and wrecks everything within two square miles. It has been known for the burglary rate in the local area to increase by as much as 2000% when gypos move into the neighbourhood. A gypo may try to gain work by offering to tarmac your drive for £5000. They may also try to sell flowers and/or stolen goods door to door. Occasionally, even if they have not moved into the area, they can be seen driving around in a battered up old Transit van trawling through skips looking for metal that can be 'weighed in'. These people are generally best avoided and it is extremely unwise to engage in any kind of confrontation with them.

3 A person who does something on the cheap.

abbreviation of gypsy
1 Gypo "Get us some fags in the shop."

Passer by "Nah mate, i'll get a 1500 quid fine if I get caught."

2 "The fucking gypos are going through the skip again"

3 "What did you get the cheap vodka for you gypo?"
by sooner_gooner July 13, 2009
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