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1. Any male who attracts a considerable amount of gay lust wittingly or unwittingly.

2. The new boy on the cell block.

3. An unsuspecting alterboy.
The big sale at Abercrombie & Fitch left him looking like friggin' queer bait.
by BFish December 10, 2002

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The pathetic looking prepubescent mustache sported by boy bands and male high school students intended to impress women, while drawing only jeers and snickers. See peach fuzz.
Zach's dad finally made him Nair his crustache, he looked like a queer!
by BFish December 11, 2002

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(noun) A particularly effeminate gay man.
Hey, my decorator was awesome, but man what a swish he was!
by BFish December 10, 2002

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1. An old piece of crap car.

Features include: a plume of blue oil-soaked smoke coming from the exhaust - general odor of beer vomit and french fries - a Kraco stereo with a 10 year old Nirvana cassette stuck in the player - flat white, flat blue and Bondo red in color.

2. Any Saturn automobile ever sold.
Man, that hooptie should be up on blocks at the trailer park by now!
by BFish December 11, 2002

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Taking one's word or contention as the truth.
I'm gonna tap 'dat ass, you can beleedat!
by BFish December 10, 2002

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Abbreviation for "you do you". A laid-back expression meaning to be yourself regardless of what people say or to do whatever you feel. Usually used in context of someone doing something unusual or generally not accepted.
Person 1: Would it be bad if I just ate all of these brownies?
Person 2: Nah, its fine, ydy

Person 1: That kid is so weird, always trying to lick his elbow with that donkey tongue of his
Person 2: He enjoys it. ydy

Person 1: I'm just gonna dance on this here table.
Person 2: Ydy
by bfish June 13, 2013

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An initiation rite practiced by some fraternal organizations. Pledges of the organization surround a cookie, masturbate furiously and ejaculate on the cookie. The last one to ejaculate then is required to eat the cookie.
If you want be an Omega, prepare to eat the "dirty cookie".
by BFish December 10, 2002

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