1. A competitive event where two cars line up at a common starting point. On a given command, they try to finish first at a finish line 1/4 mile away.(Or from stop light to stop light.)

2. An event when two or more homosexual men try to be the first in the door at a sale.
"Did you see those two old queens collide at Kaufman's? They should've learned that drag racing in a crowded store will get you hurt."
by tradesman April 3, 2003
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1. Dead-stop drag: Where a solo car, or two competing cars, line up on a track at a common point side-by side (traffic light or starting gate). At the signal the vehicle(s) take off and race in a /usually/ straight line to get the best lap time.

2. Rolling-start drag: When one or more vehicle(s) approaches another already driving, and initiates a drag race- usually by 'revving' their engines or flashing their headlights, and drag race to get the most distance between the opponent(s)- usually the race ends around 3 or 4 car lengths. This type of race is usually interrupted by 5-0 or traffic.
1. I went to a drag race the other day and a camaro got a 10-second run

2. I went drag racing with my buddy in his car, and we beat a mustang on his crotch rocket by 6 car lengths
by Edolz December 8, 2008
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A foot race between several drag queens. The challenge is not so much running quickly as it is running in 4" heels.
Hey, did you check out the drag race yesterday? Those girls have some skills. I'd like to see you run that fast in those heels.
by Fellatia Alnite April 16, 2007
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Racing that takes just as much skill as going around in a damn oval. Usually dominated by american cars.
That Ricer Ran high 17s well the ol mustang cobra ran high 10s. Damn That ricer got dominated!!
by sloppycory August 12, 2005
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A race for idiots who have no driving skills, running in a straight line like idiots.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
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In the street racing hangout, two cars start to race at the same time in a straight line, and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first.
Nissan Skyline and Ford Cobra was drag racing in the deserted parking lot.
by sexy_car_driver_corvette_ October 28, 2009
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kicks fuck all over NASCAR,IRL,all that shit
lets hit the town for a freindly game of drag racing
by GS STAGE 1 455 March 4, 2003
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