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To sell something. ie, auction, pawn, or peddle.
I just horked my old skates on eBay.
by Mark February 13, 2005
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to smoke, usu. in reference to marijuana
Hey Joe, want to come and hork this pipe with me?
by Mark September 2, 2003
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A hybrid street motorcycle that is highly modified particulary for use racing. This term has been around since circa 1969 and Webster has failed to publish it.
I watched World Superbike racing last night on the Speed channel
by Mark December 15, 2003
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once she shaved her cunt it looked like a gutted rabbit
by Mark July 31, 2004
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"Combat Fuck" is a term used for a fast and furious type of fucking. Sometimes used to show your girl who is in charge. The girl is on her back, the guy has her ankles in his hands gripped tightly with legs spread wide and pushed back to nearly to the dirt. The man is in TOTAL CONTROL. The harder, deeper and faster the better. Fuck her till it hurts, and then do it again !!!
My girlfriend is a hot sexy bitch but sometimes she forgets who the boss is so, sometimes I give her a real good Combat Fucking to put her in her place.
by Mark May 6, 2003
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Pimping (paticulary off ladies)
To get sum slight to major action with a irl
You gettin' ne tappage son?
You she put her arm around u and u were gettin all that tappage.
by Mark June 21, 2004
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