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poorly dressed retard, with limited vocabulary.
Jesus, who were you talking to last night, they looked like a cas fan?
by Mark November 16, 2003
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a totally dope kid who looked up his name on google and found some bullshit.
kahz is the one guy who will always have the back of his friends and foes.
by Mark March 8, 2004
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This is a "Vicky" that has been digitally altered to make her look rather stupid.
Look that girl must be called Vicky, she has GMV
by Mark December 10, 2003
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To get banned, lose post counts or denied access to a website or message board due to inappropriate posting or mentioning the word "fathead". Originally started on www.mustangworld.com
Dude, yer gonna get Ralph.T
by Mark January 25, 2005
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Avril is a scapegout for modern day punk rockers. (No one told them punk died in the 80s, and that Epitaph is actually a major record label and Rancid is just as pre-manufactured as avril).
Avril killed punk, and disco.
Avril has rehashed a fad from 20 years ago.
I hate Avrils.
by Mark July 6, 2004
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To sell something. ie, auction, pawn, or peddle.
I just horked my old skates on eBay.
by Mark February 13, 2005
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