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ENNNGH! ennngh ennngh
That was weird! ennngh.
by Mark July 15, 2004
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a person that has been hit in the face by an eraser from a wipeboard
Joe is an eraser face now that Bob hit him in the face with the wipeboard eraser.
by Mark May 29, 2004
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The ability to use both hands with equal proficiency.
"I'll can beat you with with both of my hands because I am ambidextrous."

"Don't be relieved because Billy has a gun in his left hand, he can still bust a cap in yo ass because he's ambidextrous"
by Mark November 10, 2003
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To Have lots of bum sex,the practicing of anal sex
Have you had an "Anal Adventure" today ?
by Mark February 23, 2004
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Anarchy is easily summed up in four worsds "No Gods, No Masters"
please someone put avril out of her misery
by Mark January 11, 2004
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a sexually irresponsible geordie with the morals of a sewer rat and a number of STDs
You'd have to be a total appleyard to shag Carter
by Mark September 9, 2003
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