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Urine, served over ice and angostura bitters.
Pour me an Esjie tea, baby?
by skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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A callous thing to do, but has to be done on occasion. This is the mixing of low quality cocaine with dandruff and psoriasis flakes, which you then chop out to the no-mark who has been hassling you for ".. a bump" all night.
This charlie's been snowflaked!!
by skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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Frozen human stool (usually male), which is placed within a knotted condom. Each end is placed within the anus of two gay men, who then pleasure themselves.
by skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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Male masturbatory practice.

A spong laden with baby-oil/lotion is placed on a toilet seat; the erection is then place upon said sponge. A second similar sponge is then place atop the erection, and the toilet lid is then pressed down upon the whole caboodle. Thrusting can then commence, applying harder down-pressure as climax approaches.
I'm going home to have a good old sponging tonight!
by skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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Foul smelling fluid that males cats spray onto your car at night.
Look! That bastard cat is spraying my car again!!
by skirtlifter January 31, 2005
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Term applied to irritating young female (or group thereof)on bus/in bar/at work, who is constantly gibbering and giggling in a high-pitched voice.

British, pan-regional, although rare.
That squeaker over there is doing my head in!
by skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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stunted, cross-eyed person, with ears way below the eye-line. Often has webbing between fingers. HAs difficulty co-ordinating and speaking properly. Result of coming from shallow gene pool or inbreeding (see {gypsy)
by skirtlifter January 12, 2005
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