1. Within the fandom community, "to spork" something means to parody or make fun of something, especially fanfiction.

2. A meaningless exclamation thrown haphazardly into sentences by your standard "random, hyper" fangirl who claims to be on a "sugar high."
"We sporked her story because she wrote a Mary-Sue."

"Spork!!! I'm being random today!"
by ChaosRocket October 6, 2007
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Another word for transexual, it is a combination of spoon and fork just like a combination of a male and female.
son- Why is that man looking so weirdly at me daddy?

dad- Because, he is a spork son.
by clydidia. February 23, 2008
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A kind of foreplay. Where the man has a boner while in the act of spooning.
Shannen: Baby, What's the poking me?
Louis: My penis.
Shannen: Oh ok.
*Falls back asleep while getting sporking*
by Stormmfreakk July 2, 2010
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its a mix of a spoon and a fork stupid, do you really need an example?
by Chris Waters November 6, 2002
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THE single most versatile instrument to exist above, on, or below the surface of the earth.
It has the scooping ability of a spoon and the stabbing ability of a fork! It's a spork!
by Shawn E. April 17, 2003
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a verb

the act of spooning with an erection
Steve sporked with Sally last night
by matt sizzle October 17, 2003
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The spermy cork that forms atop the penis shaft shortly after ejaculation. The next time one urinates the Spork flys like a champagne cork usually leading to some misguided urine.
I blew my spork and pissed all over the toilet seat!
by darealjz June 1, 2010
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