44 definitions by Shawn E.

badass sport being banned by schools for the crime of teaching survival skills
Dorks and the fat have their place, and it isn't on a dodgeball field.
by Shawn E. May 3, 2003
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Quit whining and use Kazaa Lite if you don't want spyware. I swear, you moan and groan about spyware but don't do anything about it. Don't use Kazaa. Use Kazaa Lite.
by Shawn E. June 11, 2003
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Language introduced in George Orwell's classic, 1984.
Oldthink is crimethink. Doublethink is goodthink. Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc.
by Shawn E. June 19, 2003
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country that busted its' ass to raise troops in both world wars, supply universal health care, and somehow remain statistically the safest country on Earth to live in.
Canada is a great country and I plan on moving there as soon as I can.
by Shawn E. June 24, 2003
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Yet another mullet synonym. If you don't know what a mullet is, you have no business living in the Western Hemisphere.
Good God, look at Steve! He's gone beyond the Missouri Compromise and grown a Pittsburgh Perm
by Shawn E. April 14, 2003
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movie I'll watch but never buy or rent with my own money.
The movie's alright as long as you're watching for free so you don't have to beat yourself up over the transparent plot.
by Shawn E. June 24, 2003
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