When a male puts thier hand up a girls shirt, lift the bra up and feel up the girls tit while their hand is under the bra.
"Yo Eric were you scooping her under the blanket last night."

"Hell yea dude"
by Rob Cashin March 3, 2008
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when you go up behind a guy and grab his ballsack from inbetween his legs, and cup them im your hand, and scoop them backwards, towards you
1: ouch man, that scoop really hurt !
2: haha, scooping is fun
by K-Starr. May 4, 2009
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Being under the influence of ecstasy, MDMA, or Molly. Derived from the D.A.R.E. saying that doing such drugs is similar to "taking ice cream scoops out of your brain".
"Yo, why's Sally so stupid today?"

"Dude she was scooping hard last night!"

"Yeah I thought so. Seems like she took one scoop too many."
by 2brosZah_man October 25, 2011
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When a girl is facing away from a guy, and the guy sticks his hand down her pants from behind, making a scooping motion from her front to back.
Did you see that? Young was scooping that chick on the dance floor!
by Ramyun January 22, 2009
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North-East Scotland term for cruising around in a car with ned beats blaring.
by t-dawg-in-da-house April 16, 2008
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Scooping is when you go under your freinds breast and flick up and say scoop.
Billy: hey Bob.
Bob: hi
Billy: Flicks under his breast and says scoop
Billy: You wanna go scooping?
Bob: Sure who you wanna scoop first?
by Dr.dirty Sanchez May 3, 2014
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When a chick secretly takes the cum from a used condom and smears it in her pussy to try and have an unsuspecting guy's baby. (The condom could have been used on her or on some other girl.)
No way that skank could be pregnant. Hell, I wouldn't fuck her with YOUR dick. She must have been scooping the baby batter from her room mate's trash.
by Spewart April 26, 2006
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