A man's foreplay to women:
Lay her down on the bed and kneel between her legs. Lean forward and kiss her passionately and slowly make your way down her chest and stomach, rubbing her boobs the whole time. Once you reach her pussy, hold her knees down and lick/kiss around her thighs. then lick up and down her slit for a few seconds to turn her on. Then, slowly push your tongue between her pussy lips and explore her. Push and lick her clit a little to get her moaning. Stay here for a minute, this is the most sensitive part of the pussy and will get her bucking up at you in no time. When she does, hold her knees down more firmly and push even harder with your tongue. When she stops bucking, move your tongue down slowly and insert it into her. The first insertion should be slow, but the rest should be jamming into her harder than either of you ever thought possible. As you tongue fuck her, take one hand and rub her clit. This will make her go crazy. As you do this, take the other hand and rub her tits, occasionally pinching her nipples. If she starts to buck up again take your hand that's on her tits and hold down her hips. Then switch your hand and tongue, fingerfuck her while licking up and down her clit. Start with one finger, but add however many will fit, one at a time. Move your fingers hard and fast inside her. Do all of this until she cums, which, if you did it right, won't be long. After you finish, she is bound to suck you and pleasure you however you want.
All good sex starts with foreplay.
by anonymous78963 July 23, 2013
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touching/kissing/licking each other in a stimulating manner, in order to become "turned on" before having actual sex.
person 1:so are you two like, having sex?
person 2:no, well we've done foreplay but it hasnt lead to anything yet.
by rou rou September 25, 2005
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activitites such as kissing, touching, oral sex and other means of arousal/sexual stimulation that happen before intercourse. It is meant to increase the level of arousal before the act of penetration
jane: why is intercourse with my boyfriend sometimes painfull?

mary sue: probably because you are not engaging in enough foreplay before hand as most women cannot climax from penetration alone and need other means of arousal before the fact, espicially clitoral stimulation.

jane:I see.
by carol the fabulous February 2, 2009
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Fooling around and such :
...without taking it too far (i.e. fucking eachother)
you dont have to be single!!!
We should get together. You know, a lil foreplay... then who knows...
by RuStY February 14, 2005
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What is supposed to come before sex or leading up to it. Often conveniently forgotten by the male.
lisa "honey why don't you ever give me any foreplay?"
fred "what's that? oh you mean that ridiculous time-consuming event before sex? I completely forgot about it."
by darthpixie April 14, 2008
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The excuse par excellence if you are caught in the act of adultery.
Husband: YOU! What are you doing with my wife???
Adulterer: Well, seeing as I knew you were going to bone her later, I thought I would save you some trouble by doing the foreplay for you.
Husband: Oh, that's very considerate of you, old chap, you are such a true friend, etc etc
by Dr Pinch February 14, 2006
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The definition that you absolutely do NOT want to read while eating dinner and wearing sweat pants...
Reading foreplay definitions will give you a boner.
by Biden is a dick April 20, 2021
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