Going solo with a Jamaican accent, with subtle reference to your sexual intentions (see banging), like King Solomon of the Old Testament. Solomon was recorded to have 600 wives and 400 concubines from all over the world. Goddamn..
Liam: "You coming to Brasil with me, bro?"
Andy: "Naw I can't sorry"
Liam: "Damn..then I'll go solo mon" *wink*
by Prometheus0016 June 26, 2013
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A nice, kind, and chill young man. He is never fake and is there for everyone. Has a nice smile and nice dimples.
"I could use a Solomon right now."
"He has a nice smile, but not like Solomon's."
by YungXwavy December 09, 2016
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sexy ass sorcerer who can and will ruin your life and take you away from your precious demons just with one smooth move of his. also he can’t cook to save his life.
solomon is so sexy omfg
i know man i wanna suck his fat cock
by schlongsucker August 12, 2020
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Solomon has the most street knowledge you will ever know and he sucks dick like a baby giraffe and will attack you with his bubble gun
Solomon likes men
by the blue watermelon September 24, 2017
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solomon is a light complected mexican . solomon can be very annoying at times but is chill to "hang around with"
99.9% of solomons are gay but yet very horny . solomon will do whatever it takes to fit in .people with this name tend to masturbate and finger themselves. be careful when around solomon for he will want to rape you and/or your children.
solomon was sentenced to 15 years in prison due to child molestation.
by Hugh G, Rection October 15, 2018
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