Brown is a beautiful hair colour more natural than goes with any shade of skin unlike blonde which doesn't go with pale skin colour. There is so many different shades of brown hair and blonde however is one of those plain colours. People with brown hair always have a beautiful friendly personality inside however some may not show this on the outside. People with fair brown hair are amazing everlasting friends and are there for you till the end. Blonde haired people are friends for ever too but can often have unfair fall outs.
. Lets play with her she has amazing brown hair.
Blonde hair is great too.
by Onedirectionlover5 October 27, 2013
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Plucking ones ass hair out and placing it on a friend/enemies personal effect, such as a computer keyboard or coffee cup for later discovery. Similar to tea bagging but slightly more pungent.
Garfield was being an ass so I gave his computer mouse a brown hairing.
by MrPrefect August 29, 2005
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A name given to the hairy beaver! Someone who is taking a break from shaving to go au natural for that extra fuzzy cream pie!
by MS.M-R April 9, 2020
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You are beautiful! You have dark brown hair! Very different from normal brown hair. It shows that you are different from others in a good way! People with dark brown hair fit with many eye colours like: green (like mine), blue, hazel and brown! You're probably some savage person too!
Oh look! She has dark brown hair...I wish I had that hair too
by .+*Ally*+. February 11, 2018
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When someone has gotten on your nerves so bad, that even mundane facts about the person, like brown hair, bothers you.

Similar to BEC/bitch eating crackers, except it’s not even about what the person is doing, at this point the fact they happen to have brown hair annoys you.
(Kev, who is generally a prick)

Johnny: fucking kev with his stupid brown hair.
Jules: lmao, kev got that brown hair effect
by lmaosk8s March 3, 2022
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any boy with curly brown hair is SURE to break your heart, but hey, at least they’re pretty
“omg look at how hot that guy is”
“omg they have curly brown hair! he’s definitely gonna crush your heart, all boys with curly brown hair will”
by camlol July 20, 2021
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