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a girl that one boy desires as the girl is too white at face, as neige. Neige is french equivalent for snow, in english.
Sam is crying for a neige, that has been disloyal to him.
by man!? May 11, 2017

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An angry movement toward a thing or style of extra, bad or dirty. Usually, veto, is used by word take+ a, at before of it.
But I was and my victory about taking a veto form alone Tim, that: That much he,s been kept in silence, I kissed him as fast as he opened his door, and he had become happy...Ooh! I was very satisfied one next!!!
by man!? May 16, 2017

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2-incomplete a test paper
3-a cry
1-I am a mis person when I recently had eaten & I have not walked any thing out side.
2-Hey!!! Where are you taking my mis? I am writing.
3-I am a piece of shit! Helen, why I have divorced you! Here is the mis when I regret!
by man!? May 11, 2017

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a very big place for wealth-starter person
The big trick of Fred, at hand, was the territory of him that has been bought near bey here, near the time just he has become any rich.
by man!? July 07, 2017

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Another name for mouse ( helps you souris, with the french meaning of it: mouse)
I had a souris !, I have had it badly as cheese by mistake, ouch now my stomach!
by man!? May 16, 2017

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a glorious man
A studied man that had wealth, was showing for a maxim at front cover of a weekly magazine. I was becoming happy, to be going to read about him, that I could learn for myself too.
by man!? May 10, 2017

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Kiln Is a noun referred to an angry person.
I was a kiln, after a trip that was only filled with falling wrongly in love, of my brother!
by man!? March 25, 2017

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