A prepositional phrase used to indicate the quality of indescribable equalizing power in an object. Usually associated with instruments of deliverance.
"Dude, how did Tommy defeat Shamu?"
"Tommy used the Hammer of Justice."

God tapped his gavel of justice and there was silence.
by TheEqualizer October 9, 2009
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It's that good good, that SweetN' Low, that heavy cream, that's Free bird. Everything's going your way. Heated seats in a car, weed, satin, Ferraris, holidays, really thin asparagus, watching baseball with your dad, chillin', Xbox live, just to name a few. It's everything AND nothing, but mostly everything.
John: Hey bro, class is cancelled today!
Mike: Fuck yeah! That's Justice!
by Domsquad April 10, 2014
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A guy who will make your day. A very charming person that will never betray you. A guy who will never hurt you. He's hilarious and very handsome.
by The real vampire May 30, 2015
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Justice is a really swag black boy. Everybody loves him and he is basically a pimp tho. He can be verry sweet and outgoing. But if you get on his bad side he will whoop your ass in seconds. He makes everybody laugh. And always has a smile on his face.
"Wow who is that really hott guy"
"It's justice duhhh."
by Firewords December 4, 2014
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Amazing girl , bestest of friends , popular and pretty. Loving and kind but doesn't care for drama! If you stab her back be ready for a bullet in yours
Walker: OMG! Who is that gorgeous girl?
Tj:Must be a Justice
by Hey12350 December 22, 2016
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A pretty girl with not many flaws. Does not wear much makeup. Self-confident. Athletic. All the boys want her. She doesnt care what anybody says or thinks about her. Gets things she wants sometimes. Decent grades. Smart. Strong. That 1 person hes crazy about. Never says no. Not scared to take risks. Not scared to take chances. Gives everyone a chance. Big ass. Popular.
If only you were more like justice you would understand.

Justice is so strong she can lift you up
by Insta_justicel5 August 21, 2017
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A slightly more righteous sounding name for revenge a.k.a. I'm going to take out all my anger and angst on you by coming up with an elaborate plan that will take a team of five to create, when really, I should be going to therapy.
I am justice.

*I am an emotionally unstable person who is about to make a horrible decision based on my mental and emotional imbalance*
by TheLifeAndTimesOfAnonomys March 19, 2015
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