To be sexually attracted to men and/or their dong.
by Hutz October 21, 2004
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sexually attracted to men and their pert bottoms.
by dreamer December 10, 2004
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if u like men u like men
Bill- honey i think i like men

bills woman- o ok me too lol

bill- *starts watching hardcore gay porn*
by chad gigga March 17, 2022
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I like men
Cameron Leishman always says I like men
by Champaroo February 15, 2019
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you like men like a lot like a lot
by Analwarts101 April 14, 2021
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To settle it like men with a fight over something with no weapons
Cowboy:do you have a gun
Cowboy 2: no
Cowboy: then we settle this like men with our fists
by cowboydinosaur December 30, 2021
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dave: hey do you like men?

jerry: yeah, i like men!
by kkonzu March 2, 2022
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