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A responsive answer to a question, either by saying mhmm as in "yes" or "suuuure"
Person A: Im tired, are you?

Person B: Mhmm
by Anime-luvah January 22, 2006
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What someone says when they think that someone else is full of shit straight-up lying.
Her baby daddy said that he would get the child support to her by the end of the week and she said, "mhmm" while rolling her eyes.
by Bobby Fizzle May 14, 2018
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An annoying response said to you that you do not care to hear or want to hear
by SlickMVPSMITH September 23, 2017
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This word is usally used to say 'sure', 'yes', or 'okay'. sometimes you use a sarcastic was being like 'sureeee i believe you'. I sometimes use it when there is just nothing to say.
Rob: 'She is H-O-T, HOT!'
John: 'mhmm'


Rob: 'Yesterday I went skinny dipping in the sand.'
John: 'mhmm'
by LetACryOut March 01, 2009
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Used as a casul response when you are fed up with someone speaking, to let the person assume you are following up with them but're really not, and you really don't care.
person 1: guess what, I passed my exams and got a brand new car!
person 2: Mhmm. that's nice I guess.
person 1: I come with some terrible dog just died
person 2: Mhmm....that's nice. glad to hear that.
person 1: wait what!? so you really don't care?
person 2: mhmm. oh-wait--what?-wait-shit-damn-well-hold up real quick....what were you talking about?
person 1: you know what, nevermind. don't know why I even told you when you won't even listen to me.
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by Snooppy2001 November 30, 2018
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