A very good black/thrash metal band from Germany. Characterized especially by the wicked, raspy, German-accented vocals of their singer, Tom Angelripper.
by Mark H July 16, 2004
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He is the "Kabuki Fighter" from Final Fight and Street Fighter series. Sodom is a large american man who is obsessed with the culture of Japan. His goal is to rebuild the Mad Gear gang after it was destroyed by Haggar, Cody and Guy. He is playable in Street Fighter Alpha, but first appears as the second boss in the arcade and SNES classic, Final Fight.
by Samurai Katsu September 24, 2003
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of or relating to sodomy.
Over there is a hooker we call Sodomous Holes, and over there is a person we call Sodomous Maximus. Those people really are quite Sodomous.
by Shit_4_Brains August 17, 2007
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When you insert something forceably I to the anus or even buttfuck the shit out something
The prisoner sodomized the shit out of Ben's asshole when he dropped the soap.
by Urbanbky123456 October 26, 2018
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To insert a foriegn object into someones anus.
"Get the fuck out of my office and dont let the doorknob sodomize you on the way out"
by Mandalorian November 15, 2003
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a sodomizer is a boy who likes to ass rape other people whether or not it is a boy or girl.
nick is such a sodomizer, and his favorite partner is his twin brother matt!
by Jiggy Fly May 11, 2004
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The general definition is to stick something up someone's ass

The 'true' definition is; any form of non-reproductive sex (i.e. oral, anal, strap-on, etc...)
Bitch! if you ever touch my shit again I'll sodomize you with your own foot, and if you dont believe I can do that, go ahead, just fuckin try it
by LarryVR March 23, 2006
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