orginally classified as a "defoliant" but the US Government found out that it is better at killing VC soliders and giving Americans prostate cancer.
Between 1965 and 1970, the United States dropped more then 50,000 tons of Agent Orange on Vietnam.
by IrishRepublicanArmy March 3, 2004
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A drink containing:

1 oz. Jim Beam
1 oz. rum
1 oz. Apple Schnapps
1 oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. Yukon Jack
1.5 oz. grenadine
fill with orange juice
I passed out after drinking too much Agent Orange last night.
by mandymacabre March 15, 2010
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Agent Orange is probably the greatest Punk Surf band around. They were probably the first and only to mix both surf and punk genres of music together to create their original sound. Many of their songs include: Bloodstains, Too Young To Die, I Kill Spies, Everything Turns Grey, No Such Thing. Though there have been about 5 different line-ups for the band, they have kept the same surf punk sound all through-out.
"Hey, isn't that Agent Orange?"
"Hell Yeah! They're debut song Bloodstains!"
"That's radical man, I like their song Everything Turns Grey"
"Good choice man."
by The Ode Plagued Rapture September 3, 2013
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One of the greatest Surf-Punk bands to have ever existed, hits include: Bloodstains, To Young To Die, Whats The Combination, and Get Smart.
Did you catch the Agent Orange show last weekend?
by Big_White June 11, 2009
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Brilliant 1989 release from German Thrash Metal Legends Sodom.
Agent Orange
Agent Orange
Agent Orange
A fire that doesn't burn
by Fryhtanic March 6, 2004
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Delsym brand cough medicine. Popular for recreational DXM use, dexing. Contains 30mg of Dextromethorphan Polistirex per 5ml, and comes in 3 and 5 ounce bottles of Orange syrup. They recently added a grape flavor. Dextromethorphan Polistirex is a time release form of the drug, creating prolonge cough relief/tripping. The Polistirix is the plastic coating the drug to enable a slower release into the bloodstream.
I been trippin for 6 hours- Its dat Agent Orange, dude!
by Jayke P Blackhart February 18, 2008
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Affectionate nickname for Donald J. Trump, who won the U.S. Presidential election of 2016 by a margin of -2.7 million votes. The nickname makes reference to Mr. Trump's skin pigmentation, in connection with Agent Orange, the warfare herbicide and defoliant produced by Monsanto and used by U.S. Armed Forces to contribute to the democide of the Vietnamese people.
Did you see what Agent Orange tweeted today? #unpresidented!
by @vruz December 17, 2016
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