Theatre, artifice, fake, insincere, something done only for show. AKA lip service
Congress stated that mine safety would be a priority but I fear that it is just kabuki and nothing will happen.
by Word Monkey April 16, 2010
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Showy posturing performed as an act of theater. Typically used by pundits to describe an empty political performance which serves to satisfy or distract an audience. The name refers to the Japanese tradition of Kabuki theater, eliciting imagery of heavily costumed characters performing sweeping gestures and holding exaggerated poses for an audience. The performance may appear as elaborate and sometimes strange (foreigners in drag).
While the public remained fixated on the Kabuki of the kind words and state visit by the charismatic leader, his administration was doubling down on trade violations and human rights abuses.
by TerryMander August 4, 2018
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To have Kabuki with someone is a bond that two people share, they watch out for each other, they have each others back.

To obtain Kabuki: Under the 3rd full moon of the year, the two individuals that wish to obtain Kabuki, must touch penis heads, for 3 full seconds. Only two people can have Kabuki, three or more would be gay.
Getting ready to pay for lunch, guy one reaches in pocket and realizes he doesn't have any cash on him, guy two "hey don't worry I've got it", places money on counter to pay for both lunches and then extends his arm with a balled fist towards guy one as the fists meet they both exclaim "Kabuki" (reinforcing the special bond they share) The outstretched fisted arms symbolize the act they performed under the 3rd full moon.
by tyad October 6, 2011
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Japanese theatre where only men were allowed to act, even female roles, until ban was recently lifted. Invented in order to allow peasants a theatre of their own, as going to nobles' theatre would result in either having their eyes gouged out or their ears ripped off. Performed in poses rather than fluid action. Often very depressing.
I wanted to see a kabuki production, but it's so expensive and I don't speak old-fashioned Japanese.
by Cassandra March 30, 2005
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know the difference between your kabuki and your bukkake

The expression means that the person does not know basic obvious things. That person lacks common sense or experience in the subject under discussion.

The expression is Similar to "not knowing shit from shinola" or "not knowing your ass from your elbow".
The actress accused James Cameron of never having a female lead in his movies. Obviously She doesn't know the difference between her kabuki from her bukkake.
by russ_rp January 4, 2022
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Pale-faced. Often used to describe gothic-looking people.
She was a total kabuki girl.
by C. June 14, 2006
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series of graphic novels by david mack. totally kick-ass.
every one of the Kabuki books are startling, beautiful, violent and oh-so-cool.
by m e i June 4, 2005
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