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The general definition is to stick something up someone's ass

The 'true' definition is; any form of non-reproductive sex (i.e. oral, anal, strap-on, etc...)
Bitch! if you ever touch my shit again I'll sodomize you with your own foot, and if you dont believe I can do that, go ahead, just fuckin try it
by LarryVR March 22, 2006

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1. A sexual manuver of constant re-penetration; basically taking the dick in an out of the vagina (or anus) repeatedly, in a 'jackhammer'-like motion / or jacking off on a chick's face from a really short distance away

2. a prototype 'automatic' shotgun (worked with a feeding mechanism much like a revolver), was designed by John Andersen, it fires 12 gauge rounds, in a 10 shot 'magazine', has a ROF of approximately 4 shots per second. These are not really in any form of production
" Dude, I jackhammered pretty good her last night, she can barely walk now"
by LarryVR March 22, 2006

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The 'crabhammer' is quite simply a sexual maneuver.

1. the girl gives the guy a blowjob
2. the guy comes in the girl's mouth
3. the guy rolls onto back, and smacks the girl with the sole of his right foot, then his left
4. the guy rolls back up, and pushes the girl backwards (kinda rolling her upside down)
5. the guy sticks his index and middle fingers (of each hand) into the girl's ass, and pulls it open
6. insert scrotum into rectum
7. remove fingers
8. bounce up and down
9. Congratulations! you have completed the crabhammer
Guy: so in my dream I give this chick the crabhammer, and then she makes me a bologna sandwich as I jackhammer her while rawhide is playing on my stereo

Therapist: well... i guess that would mean that you have some feelings of latent affection towards her...

Guy: dude... are you fucking kidding me?
by LarryVR March 16, 2007

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When one laughs so hard while urinating that they end up waving their dick around and pissing in/on everything but the toilet bowl
Guy1: Oh... you giggly-dick
Guy2: I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, it's your bathroom after all
by LarryVR March 16, 2007

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When you soak cut cubes of watermelon in vodka, rum or moonshine. then eat them. Kind of like a 'lazy man's' jello-shot

the plus side is they are insanly easy/fast to make/mass produce

is far better with moonshine. asst. flavored 'white' rum (i.e. malibu coconut is ok) is also better than vodka. they're called vodka cubes because that's how they were originally
fuck jello-shots, I'm making five times as many vodka cubes in half the time
by LarryVR May 08, 2008

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