3 definitions by Urbanbky123456

A sexual act of a person sneaking to a barn and having intercourse with a truck slut or even the barn animals.
Caleb and ben snuck out to enjoy a yummy barn fuck
by Urbanbky123456 October 24, 2018
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When you insert something forceably I to the anus or even buttfuck the shit out something
The prisoner sodomized the shit out of Ben's asshole when he dropped the soap.
by Urbanbky123456 October 26, 2018
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The fuckening is when you are in a good ass mood and then suddenly a person completely ruins your mood and makes you suicidial
Ie. I woke up in a happy mood and showed up to see sproull sitting at his desk already bitching “ahh here comes the fuckening
by Urbanbky123456 March 9, 2019
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