The reason why I lost my most recent girlfriend this year
"It won't hurt, trust me"
by Nick the comedian August 12, 2004
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(n.)It simply means any type of sexual intercourse held to be abnormal or 'unnatural'(in other words, every kind besides penetrative vaginal sex).

It has biblical origins in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, which tells the story of the sinful cities of Sodom and Gamorrah. The term comes from the Ecclesiastical Latin: pecatum Sodomiticum, or "sin of Sodom".

In religion the term "sodomy" is generally interpreted as referring to both oral sex and anal intercourse, as well as bestiality.

However, this can presumably mean many other types of sexual encounters; it is not unreasonable to classify kinky and/or fetish-based sex as sodomy.

So if you think it only means buttsex or gay sex, you've obviously never looked it up in a REAL dictionary.
Dude, did you sodomize with your girlfriend last night?
-Eww, no! We just had oral sex.
That's still technically sodomy, y'know.

"I am a gentleman who likes to partake in sodomy with other fellows on the veranda after my morning tea."
by Troll Under the Bridge May 2, 2008
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When you stick your man rod in your partner's poo hole. Illegal in Texas.
Prepare to taste sweet sodomy!
by Matt July 27, 2005
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The adjectival reference to the biblical term for anal sex.
Although Joseph didn't mind the walk, registering for all these new Roman taxes felt like sodomy to him.
by Reginald Whattabone October 7, 2003
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When you shaft 'em in the ass.
"I'm about to give you mad sodomy, bro."
by Macdildo November 21, 2006
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when peter "comes" in through the back door with or without his rubbers on
In order to achieve sodomy, you must leave your back door open so peter can "come" inside as he pleases
by Ben Dover November 7, 2003
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The term sodomy comes from the biblical city of Sodom, which, in the bible, was destroyed by God for its sins. In the 1950s, almost all the states in the US had laws banning sodomy, but a 2003 ruling by the Supreme Court found sodomy laws unconstitutional, and repealed the laws in the 10 states that still had them.
Sodomy--A word with religious origins used to describe sexual acts, specifically same-sex anal sex.
by lalala330 July 11, 2008
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