A video game that was very popular when first released in the arcades in 1989. Home versions were not as good as the arcade but some came close, such as the X680000 and Mega/SEGA CD versions. Numeruous seuqels appeared on the Super Nintendo and other consoles but all were inferior to the original. Some of the characters from the Final Fight series later made it into some of the Street Fighter games.

One thing the first game is remembered for is that the upset two of the enemies caused to Nintendo. The characters Poison and Roxy were replaced in the Super Nintendo versions with Billy and Sid because Nintendo USA thought Posion and Roxy were transvestites. These characters were left in the Japanese version though.

The game is in the scrolling beat 'em up genre, with your character walking around fighting anyone that dares to attack you. You have a few different moves in the original version (later games had many more moves) and special attacks. The enemies can get real tough later on, and there are often loads of them on screen as well.

Despite being a very popular game back in the day, only 1 good fan site on the series now exists, located at www.classicgaming.com/finalfight
Guy: HeeeeeeYahhhhh!
Poison: Ahhhhh!
Andore: Gwahhh!
by Galvatron February 19, 2005
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An old CAPCOM beat-em-up series which hosted a former pro-wrestler/now mayor of New York/Metro City called Mike Haggar, who, with the help of a ninja named Guy and a street thug named Cody, proceed to beat the living crap out a gang called the Mad Gear, who made a fatal mistake of kidnapping the mayor's daughter.
I still play Final Fight to this day!
by AYB March 12, 2003
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Michael Haggar succeeds in becoming mayor of New York three times in a row by beating the shit out of both the Mad Gear and the Skull Cross gangs. Hey wait a minute. Mike used to be that sissy-trunked pro wrestler in Saturday Night Slam Masters. Still has that pigtail. lol.
And that's basically the Final Fight story.
by El Gado July 30, 2003
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Some of the characters were used in the Street Fighter series and other Capcom fighting games. For instance, Guy, Cody, Rolento, and Sodom appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha series, Hugo Andore appeared in Street Fighter 3, and Maki appeared in the Capcom vs SNK series.
When playing Final Fight, beware of Hugo Andore, because he can easily drain 80% of your health with his Piledriver of Doom. And Andore isn't even a boss character.
by capcom rules July 20, 2003
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1.A fight that ends any long lasting grudges or repressed feelings.

2. 80's side scrolling fighting game
This it is , Im not taking any more of your crap, this is the final fight!
by Hdj January 28, 2008
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The best 2D scrolling beat-em-up ever!
Totally amazing.
Lead cast: Cody, Guy, Haggar, Rolento, Sodom / Katana, El Gado, Axl, Slash, Belger, Abigail, Damnd / Thrasher, Jessica, Hugo / Andore...loads others.
Capcom's finest hour.
"I really like Street Fighter"
"Cos it has kick-ass Final Fight characters in!"
by YoYoPo May 16, 2004
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A side-scroling beat 'em up that was realeased in 89 but the story happens 2 years earlier.
Mike Haggar (from saturday night slam masters) is the mayor of Metro City, the "crime captial of the world." The Mad Gear gang runs the city and they kidnap Haggar's daughter, Jessica. Haggar gets his gym buddies, Guy, the bushin ninja and Cody, the street fighter, to help him rid the city of the mad gear gang for good. They beat up tons of people using punches, kicks, throws, pilledrivers, flying kicks, knives, katanas, lead pipes etc. And they rescue Jessica and Cody knocks the leader out of a window (Shows this at the start of final fight 2, in the Japanese version anyway.)
This game was moved to so many consoles. On SNES, they removed 2 player mode, Guy and a whole level. They also changed Poison and Roxy to Billy and Sid because they thought they were transvestites and because they didn't like the idea of hitting women (Which completly contradicts the first thing.) Damnd and Sodom were changed to Thraser and Katana.
The story of Final Fight 2 is Mad Gear regroups and goes international. They capture Guy's girlfirend (Or wife... or something) Rena and Guy's master's master. Maki, Rena's sister rings up Haggar and asks him to help get them back. He does, with the help of Carlos, someone who is staying at Haggar's place at the time. No Cody or Guy, they were either training, in jail or doing the street fighter alpha stuff. Anyway, the three beat Mad Gear, this time for good.
In final fight 3, Haggar, Guy (By now the events of street fighter Alpha 1, 2 and 3 are over) a cop called Lucia and a street fighter who had his family mudered, Dean, fight the Skull Cross gang who took over after Mad Gear was destroyed. They beat the leader and knock him into some high voltage electricity thing.

There were so many conversions of the original (Final Fight for sega cd, gba etc.) There was also final fight revenge but people still wonder if this has anyhting to do with the story line. There's also a few gaps between the games coz the whole story line consists of street fighter games, saturday night slam masters and a whole lot of other games.
Streets of Rage was a total rip-off of Final Fight but still a good game. Final Fight is the King of beat 'em ups!
by Marbarian May 15, 2005
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