Elderly people who travel to Florida during the winter months. They arrive after Thanksgiving, go home for Christmas and come back the day after New Years and stay until Early April.

They clog the restaurants and the roads (driving 20mph under the limit) and love to pull out in front of you when there's no one behind you. Anyone growing up in Central and South Florida will have the opportunity to learn what all the license plates of the US and Canada look like. Only benefit is these people bring their money and stimulate the economy.
Kid: "Dad why did that old man from NY just pull out in front of us and drive slow?"
Dad: "Son, its wintertime in Florida, that is a snowbird"
by idk1234567 July 10, 2011
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Elderly people vacationing/invading Florida during the winter months
A canadian snowbird coming to florida on vacation for two weeks on a package deal with $216 to spend. Elderly snowbird couple in a very large car stopped on US41 in the center lane, waiting for 600 or so cars to go past them so they can make the left turn into Denny's. The same elderly couple buying a one dollar lottery ticket at 7/11 and searching thru their purse for correct change.
by Badblud September 6, 2009
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Any northerner who migrates to southern states, namely Florida, during the winter months. Recognizable by poor driving habits, pale skin, and funny accents. Snowbirds can often be seen wearing shoes on the beach or blocking traffic by driving 5 under on major roads.
Did you see that snowbird try to surf!? He totally got eaten by that wave!

I went to get a burrito and it took 20 minutes because of all the snowbirds.
by AdamFL January 20, 2009
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Arizonan slang (used mainly in Tucson and Sahuarita) meaning eldery people that come into Arizona in October or November from the Northern States because it's getting cold. They leave in May-July due to heat waves. They are hated by Native Arizonans due to them being ignorant, selfish, and most importantly, slow.
"Ah dang it! These dam snowbirds are here! Those little assholes only come here for the weather!"
by aesthetic stars July 9, 2019
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A northern American that migrates to Florida during the months of October through April.

An elderly person who drives 1x10^25 too slow, and drives a huge, polluting SUV covered in war veteran stickers. And when they drive, their heads tend to disappear.

Someone who complains about the locals just because their lives are now obsolete and meaningless.

Someone who donates unfathomable amounts of money to funds that don't really need it (btw...thx).
If it's snowbird season...why can't we shoot 'em?
by lemonadestand09 January 28, 2007
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According to S'uthern legend, there exists a land north of the Mason-Dixon line called "Can-o-duh" (spelling is unconfirmed). From this mythical land where roads are made of ice, and dwellings made of compacted snow blocks formed in a dome, come a people who flock to Florida. Upon arrival, these "Snowbirds" dye their hair blue and wreak terror on the interstate.
A Snowbird in a vee-hickle just runned down my pig!
by Professor Anus September 2, 2006
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Old people who live in northern states, such as New York, Michigan, Vermont, Connecticut, etc, most of the year, but come October, all flock to Florida or bordering states. Well known for filling up our roads, beaches, restaurants, pretty much anywhere you can think. Native Floridians are the best drivers on earth due to having to share a road with them, and deal with their driving habits such as driving half the speed limit in a passing lane or coming to an absolute dead stop to make a turn on a busy road. The only reason snowbirds are widely accepted here is because most businesses and touirst traps see them as dollar signs, and they will gladly spend 30 dollars on a Florida mug with their grandkids names on it. Thats just a facade though, when in reality, most native floridians want them gone. The closer you get to a body of water, the snowbird density with increase. Most of them always complain about traffic, and how crowded everything is, when in reality they are the cause of the problem. They love to brag about their home states and how things are better back up north, but in reality, no one here gives a shit. They also believe that without them, Florida's economy would collapse, when in reality, it would rid the state of tourist traps that hug the interstate, something that no one here wants to begin with. Bottom line, snowbirds are people come down to Florida every winter to enjoy the whether, but complain about almost everything else...
Example 1
Floridian 1: Why does Google Maps say its going to take an hour to get to the mall? That drive is normally 10 minutes?
Floridian 2: Some snowbird flipped their Lincoln on I-75 because they slammed on their breaks trying to look at the scenery. Lets just go the back way and hope the same thing hasn't happened in that direction.
Example 2
Snowbird: Two hour wait to be seated at a table?! Back in Michigan, a table wouldve been ready for me , my wife Mable, and my 9 grandchilden already.
All the Floridians in the restaurant:
...then go back to Michigan...
by Skeetwood Mac February 4, 2018
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