A baby that is born to a unsuccessfull woman "baby mama" and a very rich man.
She gave birth to her lottery ticket yesterday
by bubblez1970 January 9, 2012
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Lottery Ticket Asshole holds up the entire line at the convenience store, deciding what scratch-off lottery ticket they will waste their unemployment benefits on. They are convinced that their odds of winning improve, depending on what the scratch-off ticket looks like. Therefore they spend an incredible amount of time debating the issue, pissing off everyone else waiting in line. Sometimes, Lottery Ticket Asshole will even park their fat ass in front of the line, and scratch off the very ticket which they just purchased. God forbid you find yourself waiting behind the occasional Lottery Ticket / Cigarette Asshole combination personality. You will be waiting in line forever. Sometimes, Lottery Ticket Asshole will leave the store and climb into their Mustang, hence creating the possibility of the dreaded and oh-too-common Lottery Ticket Asshole / Cigarette Asshole / Mustang Asshole combination.
I got caught beinhd Lottery Ticket Asshole today while getting gas and a soda on my way to work. I ended up having to use a sick day because I was 6 hours late.
by mad genius December 4, 2010
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When you think you win the lottery but you a dumb fuck and you earn half of what you paid
"Ay bruh I just won the- fuck me I'm such a dumb nigga lottery ticket"
by Bruh momento numero dos May 15, 2019
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Defines a woman aged over 40 who is well past her shag prime, but still eager to get laid (ideally by a younger and more financially successful male). This woman probably shagged most of Def Leppard, Poison,Motley Crue and Metallica back in the 1980s and could be old enough to be your Mum.

Back in the day, a top quality knocker but now her tits have sagged and her vagina is more open than the Schengen Area of the EU. Hence the term 'Expired Lottery Ticket' - you shouldn't want to cash her gash.
Donna is such an expired lottery ticket - she craves any young guy with a dick and a job despite being close on to 50!
by Adolf Trump-Farage September 19, 2018
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