the season of Winter.

Why say "I like Winter"
Saying "I like the Wintertime" makes it sound so much more legit. If you don't add in the time, you sound stupid.
"Wintertime is the shit"
"Wintertime is the best time of the year because snow".
by HowBoutNo November 26, 2014
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The act of engaging in behaviors specific to winter. This may include slowed movements but is, however, exclusive of hibernation.
Ellie: Are chuckwallas wintertiming in November?
Joel: Yeah, they actually brumate during the colder months.
by kkitty May 22, 2015
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meaning very hot or sexy, beautiful
comes from the idea that if your hot then the cold will hurt you
Shes so sexy she must be allergic to wintertime
by ceezy baby January 19, 2006
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The only greeting sufficient enough to be acceptable to all people.
Person trying too hard: Happy Non-Religious Wintertime Celebration!

Asshole: I don't celebrate any holidays in the area that happens during the time that Octavian the Eighth regarded as 'Wintertime'. I'll see you in court.
by West by SouthNorth December 23, 2010
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