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the season of Winter.

Why say "I like Winter"
Saying "I like the Wintertime" makes it sound so much more legit. If you don't add in the time, you sound stupid.
"Wintertime is the shit"
"Wintertime is the best time of the year because snow".
by HowBoutNo November 26, 2014
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Refers to da extra hours dat you get during da end-of-da-year season for sleeping, hobbies. indoor leisure-activities, etc., due to its often being too chilly and/or dark outside to preform da mundane-drudgery tasks dat you'd otherwise feel obliged to do while da weather was milder and there were more hours of daylight.
Having extra winter-time to relax and recreate is all well and good, but da problem wid dat is dat da tasks dat you would ordinarily have performed during those colder/darker months will still hafta be completed eventually, and so you will therefore have additional arduous/tedious "spring tasks" to grumble/wheeze through come warmer weather.
by QuacksO November 15, 2019
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