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At first it was just colored lines on a screen, now it's 3D and realistic. One could say that now Google Maps is beter than most video games.
I spent my entire history class looking for my house on Google Maps.
by Fat & Furious June 26, 2014
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Verb. To use Google Maps to find a location.
Then he googlemapped the address of Marion and Leslie Silverman on Highway 68 near Yellow Springs, Ohio, where it was called Xenia Avenue. --Orson Scott Card, The Lost Gate
by WordGeek71 August 02, 2011
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an online map used for stalkers and help pedophiles rape children inside their homes
Stalker 1: I'm gonna go on google maps to rape my next victim i hope they dont have a dog
Stalker 2: I hope Judy hasn't moved since 96 i really love her front window i wonder if shes changing
by antsdefin March 04, 2009
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Google Maps never caps.
That's wrong because according to Google Maps his house is here, Google Maps never caps.
by Sugarline213 September 29, 2019
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When you're so bored that you get out your small ass laptop and find your location in 3D. Google Mapping is a sign of complete utter stupidity.
Alex: Yo i'm bored so i'm going to Google Map
You: This is why you have no friends Alex
by Tasty_Spaghetti March 15, 2018
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