the kanye west, paul wall & GLC song which supposivly talks about "slowing down your car when you see them hoes" or don't take life too quickly
"With the girls a lot a flirtin and all, dawg, f**k all that flirtin', I'm tryin' to get in some draws, so put me on with these hoes homey, he told me don't rush to get grown drive slow homey"
by #1 UseRName November 6, 2005
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Insult to those who have nonstop blonde moments, or just retarded in general.
“Kanye West’s new album is his greatest”
*looks confusingly* “ay yo drive slow man, you dumb as fuck don’t ever say some dumb shit like that again.
by Yowhatwelearn? October 30, 2019
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A farewell wish you give to someone when departing company. Driving slow implying keeping safe. Homie to recognise company as a friend.
eg. Man who is leaving for work says to wife-'drive slow homie'
by Mathew Hannaford September 7, 2006
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