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When the target of your affection will not do anything with you without the inclusion of his/her best friend.
Steve: Hey, there's a concert this weekend. Wanna go?
Alice: What about Stephanie?
Steve: What about her?
Alice: Well, I can't leave her out.
Steve: But this is like supposed to be a date, you know? Just you and me?
Alice: No Stephanie, no me. YOU BOY!

The next day--
Burt: So, what happened with you and Alice?
Steve: Man, she wouldn't go if Stephanie wasn't invited too.
by Prof. Booty January 03, 2010
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When a guy gets one of his girl friends mad at him and for some reason the girl's friends get just as mad if not more at him for no reason.
Nick: Dude Steph is so mad at me. You know what makes it worse? Kelli and Anna are more mad then Steph is.

Tom: Dude that totally sounds like the Package Deal.
by Bobb O April 14, 2009
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A term used to describe a female whose attractiveness is based solely on the sum of her parts. A quantity over quality situation.

See: butterface, Fergie.
HORNY SOB: I'd hit that!
VIRGIN: What? She's missing a leg.
HORNY SOB: Yeah, but everything else on her is top notch! That's a package deal I wouldn't mind getting overnight!!!
VIRGIN: You're a horrible person.
HORNY SOB: Why? Because I'm willing to reach out to a gimp chick when most people wouldn't even give her a second look? I'm the good guy here! It's like giving to charity.
VIRGIN: that you put it that way I can see that you are actually the second coming of Mother Teresa.
HORNY SOB: Ooh, Mother Teresa! Package deal!!!
by Joe with the face March 22, 2007
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When you defecate in a zip lock bag. Box it up and gift wrap it the send it via US Mail or Parcel Service to a willing recipient who then uses the zip locked product to gratify him or herself sexually.
I couldn't be with my girl for the Holidays so I sent her a Package Deal to help relive her sexual frustration.

My roommate decided to move out when he walked in on me opening my Package Deal.
by The Great All Powerful Definer January 04, 2011
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The Term used when you have two (male or females) where one rude ugly girl has a really hot best friend. The term package deal is used when some one only wants the hot girl, but you can only get her through her best friend therefore you invite her to invite her hot friend. It can sometimes be risky because if you attempt package deal and get her to invite her hot friend, her friend may not be able to come, and so you can sometimes get stuck with the ugly girl. But if it pays off, it can definitely be worth it.
Dave: Hey lets call up some girls to hang out!
Steve: You want to call up package deal?
Dave: Ehhh, Its risky.. But I'm feeling pretty lucky!
*Dave Calls Ugly Girl
Hey do you and (Hot Girl) want to come over with me and steve?
Ugly Girl: Oh, (Hot Girl) is out of town, but I would love to come over! I'll see you there in ten!
Dave: Danggittttttt Package Deal failed!!
by simpsonstyle819 April 29, 2012
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