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1) German for the Pokemon Koffing.

2) A(n English) forum named after said Pokemon that specializes in competitive Pokemon (also known as the metagame for Pokemon). It is arguably the largest one out there, and also produces the most commonly used tier list for the purpose of comeptitive Pokemon, which are used to determine what Pokemon are allowed to be used for a particular match (for example, a match inteded for a lower tier will not permit high tier Pokemon, though higher tier matches allow lower tier Pokemon).

Because of the tier list (and the fact that its members are known to be elitist at times), Smogon is commonly hated by 1) people who can't accept that their favourite pokemon is placed too high or low; 2) people who just plain hate tiers in general, and 3) people who sees Pokemon as a ten-years-old's RPG only, and not as a strategy game.
Smogon is an unevolved poison-type Pokemon, and I'd say this sentence in German in entirety, but I don't speak the language.

A: Gardevoir is NU because Smogon said so.
B: How dare you! Gardevoir rocks and sweeps entire teams!
C: Smogon sucks anyways because they think Garchomp is Uber! I mean, Castform can OHKO Garchomp with Blizzard!
D: Relax. Gardevoir's only NU because people don't use it. Convince people Gardevoir is good and get them to use it and it will rise back up. Besides, Castform OHKOs standard Rayquaza with Blizzard too and nobody's saying Rayquaza isn't Uber because of it.
E: I am a Smogonite and I say Garchomp's Uber so suck less nubz.
F: Why are we so serious about a children's RPG?
by RegalStar July 10, 2009
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Smogon is definitely a happening. It all dates back to a while ago when Brainman was getting bored and decided to get a new IRC nickname. He chose Smogon. Little did he know that he was about to unleash a huge plague on the world; greater than the bubonic plague even!

Smogon, the German Nazi Koffing, would soon dominate the web! Pokemon on the internet. Let's make it happen.
<smog> you should all heil smogon.
by Skarm January 19, 2005
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Random eliteist d-bags who try and rule pokemon by making many good strategies and pokemon "illgeal" (meaning punishable by mass flaming). They are actually in fact ruining it.
I choose you, Salamance.

Enemy: Quits.

My email: filled with random flames

Smogon strikes again
by a someewhat smart guy July 28, 2010
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1) A group of competitive pokemon players that are too stupid to realize that a battle that is almost entirely luck-based can never be even remotely considered competitive.

2) The aforementioned group's corresponding website that is infamous for having the worst moderators and staff on the internet. The most elitist, childish, sad and pathetic group of people you'll ever have the misfortune of coming across...just what you'd expect from adult pokemon fans.

3) an adjective for terrible forum moderators.
I just beat a smogon member because i got 3 critical hits in a row. I'm so good at pokemon!

I went to Smogon and they permanently banned me for saying that I didn't like Harry Potter.

God, this moderator must be like 10 years old! I've never met anyone so childish and petty! He totally smogon'ed me!
by The Middle Road March 22, 2010
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1/A popular online community, specialising in competitive pokemon battling. Unfortunately ruined by unfortunate elitism kindly supplied by unfortunates.
2/An unfortunate display of such unfortunate elitism kindly supplied by said unfortunates.
1/Dude: Hey, Check out the RMT I just posted on Smogon. Provided I haven't been permanently banned for using an Arcanine...
2/Dude: Woah, no need to go all Smogon all of a sudden...
by Steve_the_Panda April 15, 2007
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Smogon is a land ruled by inflated egos and multifaceted rules bent to ensure WORLD DOMINATION for chaos and his bitchin crew.

Examples of this bigoted ass wiping can be found in their treatment of the beleagured and naieve ggfan. All he wanted was to be accepted into the fold but those ELITIST BASTARDS just said no and then probably forced sexual favours out of him.

In their efforts to control the fabric of LIFE ITSELF they have extended a long slimy manipulatory arm into the oblivious realms of youtube and hentai pornography, their residents two favourite pastimes.

BEAR WITNESS PEOPLE: the only way to stop these people is to flood the shoddy battle chatbox with sexual euphamisms. This generally causes mass masturbating sessions into the bed they've lived in for approximately 43 years in a row.
Nice Guy Just Chillin: hey guys whats up?
Smogon: My dick in your asshole you faggot

Capable, Individual Self Supporting Man: Yo
Smogon: No
by the Cooky monster of revenge August 12, 2010
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Pokemon Nazi Elitist hell.
Fun place to flame.
Until you get infracted.
For saying "n00b."
Full of fags (re: Chrisisme, Eric The Espeon, Jimbo, etc.)
Holy shit dude, this aint smogon, no need to be elitist

1) N00B
2) I oughta smogon you right now
by Tr0llar April 22, 2009
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