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1) German for the Pokemon Koffing.

2) A(n English) forum named after said Pokemon that specializes in competitive Pokemon (also known as the metagame for Pokemon). It is arguably the largest one out there, and also produces the most commonly used tier list for the purpose of comeptitive Pokemon, which are used to determine what Pokemon are allowed to be used for a particular match (for example, a match inteded for a lower tier will not permit high tier Pokemon, though higher tier matches allow lower tier Pokemon).

Because of the tier list (and the fact that its members are known to be elitist at times), Smogon is commonly hated by 1) people who can't accept that their favourite pokemon is placed too high or low; 2) people who just plain hate tiers in general, and 3) people who sees Pokemon as a ten-years-old's RPG only, and not as a strategy game.
Smogon is an unevolved poison-type Pokemon, and I'd say this sentence in German in entirety, but I don't speak the language.

A: Gardevoir is NU because Smogon said so.
B: How dare you! Gardevoir rocks and sweeps entire teams!
C: Smogon sucks anyways because they think Garchomp is Uber! I mean, Castform can OHKO Garchomp with Blizzard!
D: Relax. Gardevoir's only NU because people don't use it. Convince people Gardevoir is good and get them to use it and it will rise back up. Besides, Castform OHKOs standard Rayquaza with Blizzard too and nobody's saying Rayquaza isn't Uber because of it.
E: I am a Smogonite and I say Garchomp's Uber so suck less nubz.
F: Why are we so serious about a children's RPG?
by RegalStar July 10, 2009

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A recurring character in the early episodes of the show pokemon. It has a black marker which serves as its microphone, and is often found popping out and singing at large crowds. Unfortunately for it, most who listens to its song end up falling asleep fairly quickly, a fact that annoys it so much that it will use its marker/microphone to scribble all over its audiences' faces (after inflating in anger with a signature "honk" sound).
Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff! *sings* Ji-gga-ly puff Jiggaly-puff... *stops and looks around* Puff? *goes angry* Honk!
*Some time later*
Jigglypuff's audience: *yawn* That was a nice nap... WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE?
by RegalStar January 30, 2008

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