The greatest video game/card game/tv show of all time
Pokemon Dialogue:

You wanna go to the gym!?

Nah bro I've already got all the badges
by definitionsbytom March 04, 2013
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a guilty pleasure. Just found my pokemon collection and I'm hooked again:(....
Mind you, the gameboy games are reeaally good!:D Not as childish as you would think.Theres a fisherman called Nob.....:D HEHE

...I like to reminisce :P
Me-"It's sad isn't it that I used to have a crush on Ash Ketchum off pokemon when I was Nin, Even though he was a cartoon?
by Absolutely-WeIrD May 27, 2007
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An anime, manga, and nintendo game created in Japan. Pokemon are creatures that children and teenagers (as well as adults) can capture and train. The trading card game was one of the first major trading card games that alowed players to not onle trade, but battle as well. In the anime we follow the story of a young trainer, Ash, and his two friends, Misty and Brock, as they travel togeather on their pokemon journey. The mange series revolves around rivils Red and Blue as they collect badges and compete in various compititions.
1. Pokemon is really a very intersting show if you're a total hentei. Watch the uncut episodes to see what I mean!

2. My friends enjoy trading cards with me, and I only need four more to complete my Basic set.
by Aduri "Auddie" Chan March 22, 2004
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Short for "Pocket Monsters," Pokemon originated in Japan in 1995. Pokemon are essentially little monsters that "trainers" collect and battle with. The games and trading cards came to America around 1998, and have been a big hit with children everywhere. Originally, there were around 150 Pokemon to collect in the 3 gameboy games or trading cards. There was also a TV show about a young trainer named Ash and his 2 friends trying to collect all of the Pokemon. Pokemon really went downhill around 2003, but true fans of the series will still find a way to enjoy it.
Even teenagers and adults still enjoy Pokemon. Pokemon is very addictive.
by somebody, someone April 06, 2008
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If you can ignore all the shitty spin-off games and marketing behind the series, it's still one of the best RPGs around.
I'm 20 and I still love all the pokemon games(I'm talking about the traditional handheld ones, not the stupid spin-offs). Red and Blue will always have a place in my heart.

I plan on getting the new one for DS.
by Aldwardo February 14, 2007
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Once a very popular TV Show, Card game and video game which I myself was quite a fan of at the time. The TV Show and Card game sort of fizzled out after Poke'mon had had its time but the games were very good and they still exist to day. Of course I'm always seeing new card series's being brought out and am occasionally mildy interested because the artwork on some of the cards was rather good. In fact the card game was very popular and a lot of fights broke out about people not trading fairly and people even resorted to stealing others cards but I knew it had all gotten out of hand when at my first school they had people to watch over the swapping of Poke'mon cards and advising people on good swaps. Eventually most schools banned Poke'mon cards (and any others for that matter). So, when they began bringing out all those new Poke'mon and card sets it got a bit boring. So all in all the original Poke'mon cards, games and possibly the TV series was a rather good achievement but it never managed to keep a lot of fans after a few years, but, of course there are still dedicated Poke'mon fans all over the world.
When Poke'mon was cool:

Person 1: Whoa look I got this Japanese import of Venusaur!

Person 2: Oh well cool! Swap it for my shiny Clefairy!?

Person 1: No way!
by Craig January 21, 2005
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Really cool animal monster dudes who jock on all dem haters.
I used the pokemon dragonite to make my opponent's pokemon charizard faint.
by Yodaa February 01, 2009
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