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One of the best curse words available to humans. Literally means 'shit' in Japanese, and used just like we use it.
"Two terrible presidential candidates again! Kuso!" - majority of Americans every four years

Kusogaki - literally "shitty brat". Used to put some young punk in his or her place.
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009

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The last words of Saffi Eriksdotter.

Quoted on the Magic: The Gathering card "Lhurgoyf".

The phrase is directly on the fringe of pop culture, so saying it will prove to those around you that you are totally hip and might even get you laid - mostly likely by an ugly female nerd, but if you're the kind of guy that's saying "Ach! Hans, run!" to people, that's probably the best vagina you're capable of achieving anyway.
"Ach! Hans, Run! It's the Lhurgoyf!" - Saffi Eriksdotter, last words
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009

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A nerd that other nerds look upon as a God amongst their species. This nerd is often assembled from parts of lesser nerds.
"Behold my knowledge of Linux, and know that I am your God." - The Uber Nerd
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009

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1) A group of competitive pokemon players that are too stupid to realize that a battle that is almost entirely luck-based can never be even remotely considered competitive.

2) The aforementioned group's corresponding website that is infamous for having the worst moderators and staff on the internet. The most elitist, childish, sad and pathetic group of people you'll ever have the misfortune of coming across...just what you'd expect from adult pokemon fans.

3) an adjective for terrible forum moderators.
I just beat a smogon member because i got 3 critical hits in a row. I'm so good at pokemon!

I went to Smogon and they permanently banned me for saying that I didn't like Harry Potter.

God, this moderator must be like 10 years old! I've never met anyone so childish and petty! He totally smogon'ed me!
by The Middle Road March 22, 2010

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A fighting game for the Nintendo Wii, Brawl features characters from all over the Nintendo franchises (plus sonic and snake), and lets them beat the hell out of each other.

A solid fighter played by many, but severely hampered by incredibly stupid and annoying 'additions' that come very close to completely ruining the game. For example, your character has a chance to fall over and lay on the ground at any given time, which is absolutely inexcusable for a fighting game. Another example is how the game gives you the ability to save replays, but only if they are less than three minutes long, and no serious battle is ever that short.

However, the biggest problem with Brawl is its unbalanced nature, with the character Metaknight having the unfortunate combination of being infinitely better than the entire rest of the cast and requiring practically no skill to use. This means that a less-skilled player can easily beat a professional just by using Metaknight, and that makes tournaments and such incredibly boring and stale.

Because of these unimaginably stupid miscues by the developers, a group of players hacked brawl, removed all the stupid crap like the aforementioned trips, and balanced the characters. The new version of the game is called Brawl+, and you can play it on the Wii.

Those who don't want to play a hacked game often find themselves going back to Smash Bros. Melee, the prequel to Brawl - a fighting game that you don't randomly fall down in.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl player #1: So let me get this straight - you just won because my character randomly fell over and you nailed me with a Bair while I was down?

Brawl player #2: Yep. Talk about an empty victory. I feel bad for you.

Brawl player #1: Melee?

Brawl player #2: Melee.
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009

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Derogatory word for black people.

A really sad word, not because of the nature of it but because of the sheer stupidity that surrounds it.

White people are not allowed to use this word even in freedom of speech loving America, because freedom of speech loving Liberals will destroy their reputation and attempt to get them fired from their place of employment if they do. However, it is often heard from Latinos with no consequence, and most importantly, blacks themselves. Black people call each other niggers as a term of endearment.

The hypocrisy and double standard doesn't end there - anyone can use racial slurs against white people (like cracker and honky) at any given time with no consequences whatsoever.

An almost perfect example of human stupidity on all ends.
White guy: Nigger.

Black guy: Cracker.

Liberal: The white guy is a racist! Find out where he works!
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009

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A Japanese Manga (comic book) and Anime series that many white American children pretend to love in order to project their fake-japanese (Wapanese) image. An otaku (Japanese term for geek) in an anime series called Lucky Star was a huge fan of Haruhi Suzumiya, and so every Wapanese feels like they have to be, too.

It is actually one of the most boring, slow and inane series ever, and it is likely to put you to sleep.
Wapanese: "Did you see that? That was just like that part in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! Sugoi!"

Normal American: "Which part?"

Wapanese: "If you don't know, you're just a baka!"

Normal American: "You've never actually seen Haruhi, have you?"
by The Middle Road March 22, 2010

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