German for "hail"

Sometimes used to express the opinion that someone's a fasist/nazi usually combined with the traditonal Nazi-era salute (raising one's right arm at a straight diagonal infront of them}
by JesterMonkey June 1, 2004
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Yet another way of saying "hell"
by Jordash August 20, 2004
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A word used when you heil to Hitler and commit die when you see a fucking casual.
by SmeNiggaCalledCrusader September 5, 2019
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Nickname of British tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mail. Acquired during its support for Mosley's blackshirts and for Hitler during the 30s, the nickname, along with the Mail's politics, has remained unchanged since.
Daily Mail! Daily Heil! (30s slogan)
by Mark Mywords June 28, 2004
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Its a gesture used by raising up the right hand with a straighten hand. Usually the people doing would yell HEIL HITLER!
John : Who is your lord and savior, mines jesus

Mac : Hitler *does gesture* Heil hitler! Command of the third reich
by Akarussian November 6, 2014
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Popularized by the Historical Fiction movie "Swing Kids" (starring Robert Sean Leonard and Christian Bale) whom yelled "Swing Heil!" instead of "Seig Heil!" in pride of loving swing music and being the counterculture rebels of the Hitler Youth.
In Nazi Germany, there was a counterculture group who loved American Swing music (which was banned for it was not German as well as much was by African Americans or Jews), wore their hair long, opposed Nazism, and went to clubs in the middle of the night to dance to this swing music. Nazis occasionally went to check in on such clubs, which by then the band was given the cue to play German music and all that were swing dancing only seconds ago had begun stepping in a traditional German dance so they did not get in trouble. However, the outcome of the Swing Kids' lives depended on how they reacted when dealing with the fear of being reported and taken by the Nazis versus being rebels and standing for what they believed in.
PETER!" Willie yelled, watching his big brother being driven away, off to starve and be tortured in a concentration camp like their father had- "Peter!" he yelled again. He then saw his brother's umbrella in a puddle by his feet. He then picked it up, raised it above his head and chanted back to his brother with tears and pride. "SWING HEIL! SWING HEIL!!
by InkedDoll July 31, 2011
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