Greta Thunberg screamed it to the world leaders in 2019. They don't seem to care much and everything is back to business as usual
How dare you to steal my childhood?
by Latza October 6, 2019
Common phrase said by Adam Carolla to Dr. Drew Pinsky on the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline.
Dr. Drew: But Adam, I thought you said you like that stuff.
Adam: How dare you!
by MoonKnight November 25, 2002
Max's (Peter Kay) Catchphrase in the shows "Phoenix Nights" and "Max and Paddy's Road To Nowhere"
What was up with your dancing?? Did you have a walkman on?

How dare you!
by fanboy December 12, 2004
Is a commonly used cathprase in the programme "Max and Paddy's Road To Nowhere." It is used when Max (peter kay) is shocked at Padddy's (ptrick mcguinnes) behaviour.
Paddy: In a nutshell you stink !

Max: How Dare You! How Dare You!
by DrZm April 12, 2005
The way you feel when you’ve been hurt more than you thought possible and you’ve hurt someone more than you thought possible but you love them so much it hurts and they don’t even know that they’ve been hurt. It’s great.
I dreamt of an old man on a park bench. One eye was dead and white, the pupil transfixed by a scar. The other burned blue. It saw. He raised a shaking finger and pointed at me. “How dare you forgive me,” he croaked, his voice the death rattle of a starved bird and a dying star.
by 22(god) April 18, 2019