Smae is a synonym for same. Often used in chill conversations.
Jake: "I bought a new keyboard"
Hansel "Smae fam (skr skr)"
by Man's cold May 11, 2017
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It practically means "Same" but used if you don't wanna say "Same"
Billy: I'm bored bro.

Coby: Smae.
by ii.maya1234 November 28, 2017
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When you mean to say same but you're typing fast and get a typo
Guy 1: dude I'm so bored
Guy 2: smae
Guy 2: *same. Sorry, i'm in a hurry
by General-Kenobi July 17, 2020
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Definition: jose tried to spell "same" but fucked up so badly
Me: God I feel like a basic bitch today.

Jose: Smae
by NickForLoveXD April 6, 2015
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POV: you misspelled same and your friend added it here
Smae is just another way of saying same so instead of saying same say this :)
by Basil the herb July 11, 2021
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To relate to something so hard, you become horny
by Blue shushie July 2, 2019
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Smae is the exact same as same but better. Smae is just a way to say same but over text. if you ever get bored of saying same just say smae
Person 1: Yo I'm bored
Person 2: Smae
by Dad sauce is great June 29, 2021
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