Sentence usually used when one is bored and randomly types "Fuck me I'm so bored" in on Google. He/She/It usually has no idea what to do, and this will not help.
"I don't know what to do.. Fuck me I'm so bored"
by Flexxed June 28, 2017
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I'm so fucking bored that I looked up "I'm so fucking bored," and found someone else as fucking bored as I am.
by Borreeedddddd October 25, 2009
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A four word phrase typed into google search when one finds they have nothing to do and has had nothing to do for a long period of time. I'm so fucking bored is more commonly searched by teenager, specifically males who are out of things to do during the months of summer vacation.
Google: I'm sorry there are no search results for "i'm so fucking bored". Did you mean "I want to shoot myself"?
by Indierockandroll August 12, 2010
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Being so bored that you've got nothing else to do in this world so you come on here some reason
Person: I'm so fucking bored that I cant think of this shit
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