A Hansel is. Friend who is kind helpful and trust worthy , he can be mad sometimes but he is also nice and super chill ,
Hansel knows everything
by Emma Lin September 23, 2018
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Hansel is a german name,Hansel is also a nice person and likes to gets a along with a lot people .Hansel has a lot of anger issues especially when people mess with him.Hansel has OCD which sometimes never pays attention to others and it also make do things that he doesn’t want to do.
Hansel is so nice
by Alex1332 May 27, 2020
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A Hansel is a boy who usually likes to dry his ass cracks near the AC. Usually dances to stupid music once in a while. Likes to eat anything. Fairly healthy closeup. A retard on this earth
Boy 1: yo what is he doing?!
Boy 2: u know the usual, he is a Hansel after all
by Nutty nut butt November 18, 2019
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(verb) To Eat ice cream (preferably chocolate) and watch romantic comedies, soap operas, talk shows, or any other show of the sort, While being depressed and thinking of how nobody likes you.
Hey dude i pulled a Hansel yesterday because my guitar was stolen by a ninja disguised as a lawn gnome.
by Hansel Duarte November 9, 2007
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When a man stretches out his dick and proceeds to reach from underneath to grab the stretched dick and pull under and up the ass crack. When the dick is firmly pulled between the crack of the ass the man then proceeds to tightly squeeze his cheeks together with dick hanging out of the ass crack like a tail
CJ spent all morning stretching out his meat to make a Hansel.
by Rbrum March 26, 2018
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Named for the action of Hansel (and Gretel) from "Hansel and Gretel," the Grimms' fairy tale, as they dropped stones or bread, in turn, to mark their path through the forest.

Forms may include: Hanseling (or lower case, hanseling), a verb; to hansel, a verb; or Proper noun, Hansel (meaning one who drops carelessly in described manner, or any variation of such).

Hanseling is the term used when items, carelessly or purposely, are dropped (possibly in a meandering or careless path-like manner) as a man or boy walks; Greteling is the identical term when a woman or girl walks and drops items in similar manner.

So there is the male version: Hanseling. The female version: Greteling. Either caps or lowercase: Hanseling or hanseling; Greteling or greteling.

The term was initially used years ago when small boys would fail to stay put at meals, and would carry their meals or snacks around the house, haphazardly dropping crumbs or chunks of food in paths around the house.
The term not only includes eating and dropping crumbs, but can broadly include dropping any item (such as clothes, paper, trash, etc.), often in an unthinking or inconsiderate manner.

It can further include not wiping ones' feet at the door, and hanseling mud throughout the home. Etc.
Stop the messes Hansel! No more hanseling around the house eating handfuls of Fruity Pebbles!
by Candycasa November 25, 2009
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