From my pov it looks great!
by doradaabe September 12, 2019
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point of view: the position from which something or someone is observed
POV:she’s is walking in front of him
The natarrator give his POV in the scene
by You welcome October 1, 2019
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In internet porn it means "Point of View" which means you are in the position of a man actually receiving the sexual gratification depicted in the clip, usually fellatio. Increasingly, however, it refers to the extremely intense and very erotic eye contact that occurs between the female giving the BJ and her fortunate receiver. Janet Mason is a fine example of a master of this genre, her big blue eyes penetrate your soul as she is swallowing your cock.
by BigMoeSoFla June 28, 2009
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An acronym for Point of View from third person
by RealLuminous January 8, 2021
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"Point of View", A term lots of people never use right.
POV: You are searching for the meaning of this term.
by anonymous200020 July 22, 2022
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POV meaning "Point Of View"
You're in school right now writing this "New word"
Its Period 4, Math, on December 3rd at 10:50 AM.
You're bored and just finished a test.
And because you're bored, you remembered that you forgot to write about this
in Period 2, Science. But now you're here.
And now you are bored.
by notnikii_ December 3, 2021
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An acronym that does not mean what you think it means. It means perspective, viewpoint, outlook, etc. It is NOT another word for "plot twist"!!!! Smh people.
Kid 1: Holy shit that ending tho.
Kid 2: POV: he turned into a zombie and ate everyone
Me: @Kid 2 What? Don't you mean plot twist instead of POV?
Kid 2: No
Me: Do you even know what POV means?
Kid 2: Yes
Me: No, you clearly don't. You say POV to indicate a personal opinion and you want people to hear you out. That wasn't a personal opinion, that was a plot twist because it suggests an alternative ending. Obviously you didn't want to say "I would argue that he turned into a zombie and ate everyone".

Me again: Here's an example of POV used correctly: "POV: bananas are better than apples". THAT'S how you use the term.
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