The act of giving head while the receiver is taking a shit.
"You best be givin' me a blumpy bitch!" said Tyrone as he was dumping in his prison cell.
by Chief Hosa March 16, 2003
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The act of simultaneously receiving oral sex and blowing your load while releasing feces.
Farcus put one more notch on his belt after last night when Wendy decided she would blow him on the shitter, little did she know his intent was to get a blumpy.
by Farcus September 8, 2007
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when a girl is giving u head while your on the shitter
it took me a while to find a dirty ass bitch to let me pull of blumpy on her
by arlie September 6, 2004
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"honey,could you come see me in the bathroom? I need a blumpy!
by russ1416807 May 12, 2006
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Especially rounded.
Often used to describe chibi or super deformed characters, personal electronics, cars or anything that would commonly have hard angles or edges, that is instead curved or rounded.

A combination of the words "bubble" and "lumpy", used by fans of anime, thought to be originally used in reference to the hands of MewTwo (from Pokémon).
"Woah, is that a Neon Genesis keyring? Chibi Shinji looks so blumpy!"

"The new VW Beetle is kind of like the old one, only blumpy."
by Erebus December 15, 2004
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(n.) One who gives a blumpkin; Heather Harkins.
by Mooch February 13, 2005
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When your socks seriously get wrinkled up inside of your shoe.
Mom my socks are blumpy.
by John OC December 8, 2006
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