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A beautiful girl that just you can just never get out of your head. She's perfect in every way and yet the hardest to get. The girl that is the easiest to fall in love with. With a personality that just radiates from her being, and a smile Aphrodite would be jealous of.
I love you Carmen.
by JBush... March 21, 2013
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She's funny, nice, kind, sweet, and georgeous.She's that type of girl you always want to be around. She can always make you smile no matter if you're in a bad mood or just had a bad day. She's got the best personality ever and a great sense of humor. She has the most beautiful smile. It'll brighten up your day. She's one of those girls you cant seem to get out of your head. She's also the best you could ever ask for.
Wow. Carmen is the most beautiful and funny girl I've met!
by xFade3 March 15, 2014
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Carmen is a beautiful girl, that will always love you no matter what.
She's gone through a lot of stuff, and she may be difficult.
She has amazing green eyes and is very bubbly. Really funny too. Dark humor suits her.
shes been heartbroken too.
'oh man, Carmen is so pretty."
by styllesss December 28, 2016
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. If she is destined for you, you will get her anyway. She will reject any other person just to be yours.
You must be my Carmen.
by carmenslover September 27, 2013
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To be Carmen is a wonderful thing. It means you are friendly, good looking, and spunky. Everyone likes you, because... Well, what's not to like? Also, to be Carmen means that you vow to always love pudding, pandas, and pizza. Or, as we like to call it, the triple P.
Random Person #1: "Carmen is the best, I wish she would be my best friend."
Random Person #2: "Wow, I wish I could be Carmen."
Random Person #3: "Carmen is so beautiful." <3
by rainbowfudge March 02, 2015
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A very sexy attractive young lady. She laughs a lot and she is a very very very good friend she always keeps is lit. She is one of the strongest girls i know. At first she can look mean but once you get to know her she is so sweet.
Damn look at carmen!
I was i was good looking like carmen!
by APB&CMB June 09, 2017
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A girl with the power to make you fall in love with her the moment that your eyes connect, without hesitation you would do anything for her at any time. Every time that her image crosses your mind you can't help but smile, Her voice alone brings you into a new world of safety and comfort. Her smile alone is enough to turn your day around in an instant, she is always there for you and all you ever want is to be there for her. In your eyes she is the definition of Perfection, Never fails to leave you speechless in every situation. But hey i'm just some random love struck teenager what would I know..
I really like yah Carmen <3 like alot ~ Ethan
by DrizzleYT September 30, 2016
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