A seemingly innocuous term used by amateur recipe writers to describe smearing stuff on their meats.
Slather the sausage with the moist mustard and mayo spread then insert into the eggplant.

Ooh so good!
by Dogma mama December 26, 2017
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The act of rubbing thick cream, lotion, or even jiz all over something.
I slathered her up with my man juices.
by Yogi Vinnie October 30, 2007
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To cover all; to fully spread
You don't need to slather the cake in icing
by Nikki Fazbear August 14, 2017
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(verb) To coat generously with a paste or semi-liquid substance.
She slathered my weasel with her greazle.
by Slickery Dickery Dr. January 8, 2004
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A state of drunkenness which lies on the balance of wanting to go to bed and desiring to get furthermore intoxicated, typically experienced after 3-4 bottles of quality cider.
I had three and a half Sheppy's Dabinett cidré last night. I was so slathered I could decide whether to go to bed or stay up all night making one word rig's.
by Blatant_Aardvark November 19, 2009
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The drunkest and only way to eat chicken and waffles
Nigha I was so slathered last night I ate 27 plates of chicken and waffles.
by Slathereddrunj May 31, 2014
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Exactly 10 bakers doezens of people. Like if you put butter on bread but the butter was people.
There were slathers of people at the school. That’s not a lot, but it kinda is.
by Autti April 9, 2018
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