A band director who enjoys walking and beating on wood blocks near students' heads.
Did you see the look Shaner gave me?

Shaner: I am not a dude. I was once a dude, but I am not a dude anymore.

by KatieRMeyers January 11, 2009
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Shaner is the hottest guy you will ever meet he has the biggest d*ck you will ever see he will make you moan for so long
O my god I can’t wait to see Shaner he is so cute and sexy
by Jades huckerson September 13, 2020
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A really cute boy who is intelligent and dumb at the same time, if you know a Shaner keep hold of them forever.
Alexa: did you know theres a new boy in school.
Olivia: i know hes such a Shaner.
by Pineapple bradshaw 123 November 21, 2020
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A boy who you finna know was doing some questionable actions.
Example, “That boy bout to be a frikin shaner dog... you such a shaner cuz.”
by Beachgator June 11, 2019
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russian for "tumor nose." has more zits on his face than the helpers at best buy in the video game section. made up some NASJET shit and wouldnt back down from it.
shaners: jews dont get circumsized.
rest of world:.......
by rilesworth August 22, 2006
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when a male fully inserts his tongue into a female's anus.
"Hey, did you eat her ass last night?"

"Yeah bro, I gave her the full Shaner!"
by if mod February 19, 2018
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