She is really cute and seems very awkward at first, but once you get to know her she has a crazy weird fun side, but first you need to gain her trust which takes a long time but trust me it is worth it. She has trust issues and has been broken a lot inside but tries her best not to show it. Alexas are very deep thinkers,talented and kind...If an Alexa starts falling for you, take that opportunity.
Person1) Man, see that girl over there, she's Alexa, she's very cool and funny once you talk to her

Person2) Wow ya, I think I like her

Person1) Nice, just don't mistreat her...cause she'll never forget
by AlienNotHuman December 8, 2018
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The most wonderful girl you can ever meet. She is caring, loving, smart and beautiful. She is the best friend a girl can have and the most amazing girlfriend a guy can have.The one that will be there for you all the time. The one who's laugh can make your day, the one who's smile just makes you a little happier. Her eyes are as beautiful as a the ocean. She is great at sports and will try her best to make you happy. Sometimes she may be a little tense and can be very intimidating, but it is only to the ones who don't treat her well. She is a spontaneous, awesome, if slightly moronic, person who is extremely hyper. Very lovable, you can't hate her. Deffinitely very random. Fun person to be around. She is someone you can hold tight and truly care for, because she makes you feel special, because she loves you. But treat her wrong and take advantage of her, and she will be gone.....
Man i had Alexa, but i treated her wrong and she's gone.

I regret leaving Alexa, now when i see her i can't breathe.
by luckiestguyindaworld April 20, 2011
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Alexa is the funniest girl in the world. She's sweet and awesome. She's beautiful and typically plays some sort of cool instrument. She acts tough but inside she's soft. She skates and she's badass. Any partner of her would be lucky. If you get a chance, become an Alexa's friend.
David: Who was that girl playing drums? She was so good
Leo: That was Alexa, dude.
David: Damn she's cool
by unknowingly_saved August 1, 2019
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Alexa's are always gorgeous human beings. An Alexa is very poised and can be the most helpful and sincere person. Everyone loves Alexa even though she thinks that some people don't. Every boy that crosses her path will instantly fall in love with her. She does a couple dumb things here and there but so does everybody so it's okay. When she loves somebody she will want to be around them 24/7 and nobody else. She has every good quality in a best friend that you would want. She's a great listener, she gives the best advice, she can set you up with any boy that meets her standards of course. She has the best body even if she doesn't think so. Perfect long legs, tan, the boobs and butt (almost there) and her face is so gorgeous literally every guy wants to get with her. Alexa is so pretty she doesn't need to wear makeup and most of the time she doesn't! She likes to be adventurous with her style and she is definitely a trend setter. Alexa is very popular and everybody looks up to her. If you get an Alexa you better hold on to her tight because she is a keeper.
Matt: Damn that girl is so hot

Lucas: You know it, that's Alexa, my girlfriend

Matt: Aw man I was gonna try and get her, you're lucky to have an Alexa
by absthedabs January 2, 2017
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Alexa is a woman who is extremely funny without meaning to be. She will make the people around her laugh until their sides hurt and have no idea how she does it. She normally plays a super cool instrument and can also sing. She is very creative and artistic. She is also a night owl, mornings and Alexa do not sit well together. Overall she's a very good friend however her mouth can sometimes slip up accidentally and she can pass on secrets without meaning to.
Meaning: protector of men

Person: wow you were absolutely shredding it on the double bass, what's your name?

Alexa: my name is Alexa

Person: well that makes sense!
by rhinothehamster October 17, 2013
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The most funniest and most amazing loving and caring person you can ever meet and be friends with ever in your life. Maybe even more than friends if you truly care for her.
Alexa is the bestest person ive ever met in my life.
by duhduhduh April 29, 2008
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short for alexandra means defender of mankind.
alexa means unintentionally beautiful. she'll never try to look good its just natural.
alexa looks beautiful today. (alexa is in sweatpants and has no make up on)
by lost girl July 5, 2006
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