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used in conjunction with terms such as whatnot, this and that, and whoever, to describe a broad field of ideas.
milas: we should go swimming and junk and stuff.
rilesworth: yeah, we can go with whoever and do this and that and whatnot.
by rilesworth August 17, 2006
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a rapper whose music shows a heavy influence from "timmy" the retarded kid in the wheel chair on south park.
borrowing from timmy's style, mike jones decided to say his name repeatedly, and often even in different tones as well. amazing.
timmy: timmy!!
mike jones: mike jones bitch!
by rilesworth September 8, 2006
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not only a genius of retarded humor, but also more "sophisitcated" humor like in king of the hill and office space.
the voices he did with beavis and butthead were particularly amazing, he used tape-overs in the voices because he did both of there voices and they often speak simultaneously. he also did the teachers, and the principal's, among others.
mike judge is up there the creators of south park, and the simpsons, really advancing the cause of animated humor.
by rilesworth August 24, 2006
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every prep who ever lived is one. wears: rainbows, sperrys, polo shirts of any type including cherokee, ralph lauren, etc., gay looking trucker hat, new balance shoes with "n" (often multiple pairs), khaki pants, pants with rainbows (bad call), abercrombie shirts with aweful attempst at sexual innuendo. listens to: anything top 40, from any genre, always says they enjoy all music when in truth if you played anything remotely hard core there ears would bleed. (melvins, celtic frost, some nirvana even).
me: lets go drag some preppie fags behind our car then burn down there mustangs and hang them by there own god damned collars.
my friends: how much money is involved?
by rilesworth July 25, 2006
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a boring little town full of suburbs. dont go there. go somewhere more dangerous like durham or winston salem. you might actually stay awake there. raleigh is full of preps too. people dont like white trash, but id rather be with a whole bunch of beer chuggin mullet wearers than the ibm engineer folks who flooded this town anyday. the white trash here is pretty open minded actually and fun. FUN!
bill: hey lets stop here in raleigh and get something to eat.
bob: or we could stop in smithfield and eat barbecue.
bill: sounds good to me.
by rilesworth July 25, 2006
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a phrase which should be immediately followed by the phrase "none taken" by those who want to be considered polite.

woodrow: i want you to use my cum as mouthwash and then put it back in my mouth, no homo.
rilesworth: none taken.
by rilesworth April 3, 2007
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the largest threat to our national security.
they form gangs, traffick drugs, are known to have links to certain terrorist organizations (cough cough al quaeda), and kill our women and children.
head of fbi: (after listening to primus song) les claypool is so right, we must do something about all these puppies, there starting to get out of hand.
unimportant fbi official: yes just the other day one of these "puppies" forced entry into my house and stole among other things, doggie treats, a leash, and a collar with diamonds around the 24 carrot gold name tag.
head of fbi: oh my god, this is much worse than i thought.
by rilesworth September 18, 2006
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