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just this town you know.
Hello fucking CLEVELAND!!
by rilesworth July 27, 2006

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this cool dude with cool hippie hair who talked about how great it would be if everyone would stop being assholes to each other and just get along man. stop the hate!
how could you hate jesus?!
by rilesworth July 26, 2006

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two guys on a mission, a mission to get laid. pretty much every dudes mission out there. and this is a tv show about it. oh yeah and american complacency and mtv's gayness and what not.
quoting beavis and butthead is sacreligious.
by rilesworth July 23, 2006

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a flavor of mountain dew that increases halo and gaming skillage tremendously. game fuel is a strong central nervous system stimulant. studies show decreased reaction time and increased accuracy in gamers who take game fuel. game fuel withdrawal is known for its unpleasant mental, physical and emotional effects, ranging from paranoia, sweaty palms, hallucinations, seizures, coma, and even death... the kind that lasts forever. the federal government is considering scheduling mountain dew game fuel because of its high abuse potential. there are many support groups available for those who are addicted to game fuel, most notably game fuel anonymous.
my best friend and uncle both overdosed on game fuel and died. forever.
it may seem glamorous at first, drinking game fuel and having fun with your friends playing halo, but eventually your spiral into addiction and you end up just sitting by yourself in your bedroom taking game fuel and playing halo three all by yourself. its the wrong path to go down, dont do it.
by rilesworth September 23, 2007

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not only a genius of retarded humor, but also more "sophisitcated" humor like in king of the hill and office space.
the voices he did with beavis and butthead were particularly amazing, he used tape-overs in the voices because he did both of there voices and they often speak simultaneously. he also did the teachers, and the principal's, among others.
mike judge is up there the creators of south park, and the simpsons, really advancing the cause of animated humor.
by rilesworth August 23, 2006

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a rapper whose music shows a heavy influence from "timmy" the retarded kid in the wheel chair on south park.
borrowing from timmy's style, mike jones decided to say his name repeatedly, and often even in different tones as well. amazing.
timmy: timmy!!
mike jones: mike jones bitch!
by rilesworth September 07, 2006

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what smokers emit from the end of there cigarettes/mouth. people will say that second hand smoke or "sidestream smoke" is more dangerous than firsthand, true bullshit at its finest. the smoker is getting both second hand and first hand smoke, and the filter doesnt really make the smoke less bad for you. how can someone walking by be more dangerously exposed than someone who is puffing on the dam thing?! smells pretty bad if you ask me, but you need only walk 10 whole yards away to avoid it.
rob reiner: ahem! (bights out of hamburger) but that cigarette out now! the second hand smoke is... killling me.. (COUGH COUGH).
smoker at bar: calm down dude, were in a fucking bar...
rob reiner: you are a baby killler! you hear me! a baby killer! you eat there brains at night!
smoker at bar and everyone else: fuck off rob reiner.
by rilesworth July 25, 2006

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