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Anyone whose motives you don’t understand.
Maybe if you knew why I'm trying to take over the world, I'd no longer be a villain in your eyes.
by Izzy3 July 18, 2016
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A composer and/or performer of menacing riddums and soul poisoning madness. A true Villain considers nothing taboo and will penetrate the heart and mind of all mankind in an effort to enlighten or destroy.
EF Tedenfred is one old ass Villain.
by VonBrown May 17, 2010
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A noun used by the rapper Saint Pete to refer to his crew, boys, or homies. Also uses the word villain to refer to himself.
My villains and I are gonna go out and ride around.

This shout out is for all my villains.
by Double D AIR January 13, 2009
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Are exceptionally powerful beings who believe in the absolute truth of "natural selection". they are actually joyful fellows who love to laugh alot ( like mwhahahahaha!). despite their physical and mental capabilities to rule the world, they always tend to fail because these tyrannical directors are always setting them up in the end. just like us, villains are victims of prejudice and social injustice by the gov't and the mass media portraying them as anti-socials who are very evil to the core. (we cant actually blame them for trying to take over the world since most people are so dimwitted that they sometimes worship shitheads like justin bieber.)
guy 1: heard of Darth Vader? i heard he is one of the most notable villains to date. i wonder how evil he was..

guy 2: you could say that, but you wanna know why he's like that? its because of STUPID, IGNORANT, WHITEWASHED, and OPPORTUNIST people like YOU!!

guy 1: *shuts his trap up
by insevensins November 27, 2011
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the counter part to a hero. Usually comes with a group of loyal hunch men who do bidding and have some plot to take over the city or world. Evil to the core. Shows no mercy for people especially his hero counter-part
The joker is a total villain in the Bat Man movies.
by writergrl25 February 05, 2010
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The guy whose side of the story isn't shown as much as the Hero's.
Man, I love the Villain's (Sauron) story in Lord of the Rings waaaaay more than Frodo's.
by Othae May 07, 2018
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Villain, a hardcore trail only Jeep Wrangler Yj, the Villain is one of the badest rigs on any trail. It is capable beyond the belief of bystanders!
Hey Jay, you gonna bring The Villain out next weekend?
by Jay Vee112 March 31, 2009
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