A small city (of appx 217,000) located in south San Diego County. Chula Vista is known for its low income areas on the west side (Feaster, Harborside, Castle Park, Otay), and its high income areas on the east side (Eastlake, Otay Ranch, Lynwood Hills). West Chula Vista has a high to moderate gang problem, like most other areas of south San Diego County (southeast San Diego, National City, south San Diego, and Imperial Beach).
Charlie stopped in Chula Vista after he partied in Tijuana.
by Yardstick November 4, 2005
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Chula Vista is a fucking bomb-ass city south of san diego. Everyone in north county says its hella ghetto but the truth is its not that bad. I'ts safe to say that WEST chula (west of the 805) is the 4th most ghetto place in SD county (1st. Southeast, 2nd. National City, 3rd. San Ysidro). Its filled with low-income neighborhoods and alot of gang activity. Varrio Chula Vista and Otay are the two big Chula Vista gangs and they are arch-rivals. Otay comes from the neighborhood "Otay" which is the most ghetto neighborhood in in Chula Vista. EASTERN chula (eastlake, otay ranch, and bonita) is a SUPER nice place and has a VERY VERY different vibe from west chula vista. It has expensive-ass houses, sexy-ass neighborhoods, and a bunch of white people. Here, there are gangs but very few, and surely not enough to be a threat, or even notice. Although it has its good parts and bad parts, Chula Vista is an all around Fucking awesome city! the high schoolers in this city are well known for knowing how to party!! the mexican food is hella bomb! and the bitches r fine as hell! theres even a soak city here!! I'd have to say the only downs is that we have a good police force, there are annoying ass cholos and chula vista is home to the sociales!!!!!
Mexican: ey foo, u wanna drive down to Chula Vista to kick it, maybe get at some bitches?

Whitey: Are you crazy?! i don't wanna get stabbed by some fucking cholo!

Mexican: Fag
by SDxLoc February 17, 2010
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A city in san diego. West of the freeway there are ghetto houses. east of the freeway there are million dollar houses....
Chula Vista is a nice place to live
by Alie February 17, 2005
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okay first things first, Chula Vista is NOT the most ghetto area in San Diego...not even close. people from bad areas get bussed into Chula Vista and Sweetwater High cuz they're good schools.

Chula Vista:
Tons of little random stores, like flower stores, wedding dress stores, and photo frame stores. Lots of little Asian food and drug stores. Tons of McDonalds, pawn shops, 'dirty' book stores and gentleman clubs, taco shops, and 99 cent stores. Home to the INS, where immigrants go to come into America LEGALLY like me(wow new concept). Lots of raggedy ass houses and bad ass kids lol! But it's cool.
You should come and live in chula vista. It is 10 times better (less ghetto) than city heights, barrio logan, encanto, and even national city.
by sweetness-and-light May 1, 2007
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AKA Chulajuana. Slowling becoming part of Tijuana because of the lack of imigration control.
I was driving down the road and noticed all the billboards were in Spanish and thought I was in TJ until I realized I was just in Chula Vista.
by TIMDUB September 14, 2005
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aka Chupa Verga, is full of white people, Castle Park is exaggerated and not ghetto, even otay putas are ashamed and rep south san diego, theres so many wanksters in chula vista that they dont rep gangs, they rep schools, mostly castle park,but castle park is full of paisas and socials, the white boys try to act cholo with cortezes and shorts with long socks, while most mexican wanksters try to act black, with 6x t-shirts, ecko unlimited clothes, red,white and black striped shirts, southpole shirts, and bumping new school rap (nigga music eg soulja boy). castle park wanksters sometimes get jumped after school by real cholos from OTNC. its gangs VCV, white wanksters thinking theyre untouchable, but really the only rival is otay putas(Putay My Shoes, Idiotay) and real gangs dont even bother with VCV, because theyre so lame, and dont rule Chupa Verga. the Bonita area is moderately ghetto in highschool, because parents from real ghetto cities like Logan, San Ysidro, and National City, desperately want their kids to succeed, but since many of these parents had the same idea, these little cholos just fuck around, get high in bathrooms, fight each other, and ditch school, since its fuckin easy to ditch from any part of there.
me and my homies cruised in chula vista and just laid back at the taco shop until some putas from otay called us out, we decked their asses and came up on their cash and a baby blue LT chargers jersey. My homie tagged a big ass NC on the unconscious puta's t-shirt.
by Olden BoyNC WestSide October 28, 2007
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City in the southern part of San Diego. All the pendejos in the area want to rep SD, but they are not from San Diego, so stop reppin' San Diego. The westside is full of non-creative, lazy-arrogant idiots who do nothing but lower property taxes and prefer to act like locusts instead of having goals in life & being civilized. No one there has an real street cred. They are all wannabees who make dickies & Air Force Ones annoying. The Eastside is nicer, but full of "fresas", "cremillas", & "sociales" who think wearing Abercrombie & Bitch, Hollister, & Polo make them better than everyone else while they party in TJ with their fake ass IDs at Tangaloo or Monte Picacho. Eastlake is full of minstrels who can't even where clothes that fit them.
Chula Vista is not part of the city of San Diego & we should all be so thankful.
by Cab_Zapata January 10, 2008
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